Deleted mail in OE

  JimT 19:22 10 Jan 2003
  JimT 19:22 10 Jan 2003

Does deleted mail in OE stay on the HD - if so, where?


  Bun 19:33 10 Jan 2003

There is a deleted items box in your folders. If you go into this you can retrieve your e.mail. If you have deleted from this folder asta la vista baby I think it's gone to the bin in the sky.

  Wak 20:10 10 Jan 2003

JimT, there's a free program called Restoration which will recover all deleted files from your H/D providing they haven't been overwritten by other data.
Can't remember where you download it from but someone will be kind enough to tell you in a moment

  Wak 20:24 10 Jan 2003

JimT, go to click here and enter Restoration in the Search box.

  DieSse 21:35 10 Jan 2003

Deletion of emails in not like deletion of normal files, as emails are not files.

Emails are held in a database - each folder is one file (database) with all the emails (records) in it.

When you delete a record (email) from any database (inc email folders), the record (email) does not get removed, it gets taken out of the index file - the index file governs which records (emails) you actually see on the screen.

The only way to actually remove files from a database is to compact it - early versions of OE did not do this automatically, and so even though your (say) Inbox did not show many files, you could often find it was very large - open it with wordpad and you could see lots of old emails in it. Newer versions seem to compact automatically.

Now compacting a database does not mean that the data removed is lurking on the disk as recoverable files - it ain't.

So basically, if it isn't in Deleted items, and the folders have been compacted, you're out of luck.

The only thing you can try is to open the relevant folder with a text program (say, Wordpad), and see what you find.

  Wak 22:47 10 Jan 2003

Sorry, JimT, I seem to have got it wrong this time but the program mentioned is still worth having in case you delete ordinary files.

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