deleted items in OE

  mad1234 18:32 29 Sep 2006

i'm back again with another problem!

i am unable to open the deleted items in outlook express because there is too many items in it.
what i want to do is open it in another program & delete the unwanted emails in there but keep all the other emails.
is there any way to do this?

  mad1234 18:34 29 Sep 2006

OOPS! forgot to say this pc is running windows me & outlook express 6

  mad1234 07:04 30 Sep 2006


  mad1234 07:06 30 Sep 2006

i am such a big liar
this stupid annoying pc is using OE5 not 6
sorry about that

  terryf 07:21 30 Sep 2006

go to explorer>tools>folder options>view and uncheck hide protected system files and show hidden files. Show file extensions.
Go to oe>tools>options>maintenance>store folder and note where this is. Close oe. Go to this folder and delete 'deleted items.dbx' Restart oe and your deleted items will be empty

  mad1234 07:45 30 Sep 2006

i don't want to delete everyting in the deleted items just the junk. this is a company pc & we may need to refer back to some of these emails at a later date but at the minute we can't view them at all, oe5 just freezes up when i try to view it

  Batch 09:50 30 Sep 2006

In the short term you could just rename 'deleted items.dbx' to, say, 'deleted items.dbx_old'

Then carry on as terryf says.

Your old emails will be preserved in 'deleted items.dbx_old'. To access them you would need to delete the then current 'deleted items.dbx' (make sure nothing in there that you want this time) and then rename 'deleted items.dbx_old' back to 'deleted items.dbx'

As terryf says, make sure OE is closed when doing any deletes / renames.

This still doesn't enable you to access the old emails, but at least they will be saved and you can progress for the moment.

BTW, do you have backups?

  mad1234 10:16 30 Sep 2006

thanks for that idea i will do that for now but i will still need to access this file
the only backups i have are printouts which people have a tendency to misplace

  byraway 11:09 30 Sep 2006

Go to click here and see if they will delete from there.

  mad1234 15:26 30 Sep 2006

didn't have any luck with that but thanks for the suggestion

  mad1234 14:16 01 Oct 2006


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