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  Kanish 19:13 02 Aug 2008

Hello all,
Ok, i am not a whizz with computers. I will probably understand what you are talking about and know how to do most things but i am not capable of clever things like making programs (programming) if you get what im on about.
Ok, so here is my question. can i perminately delete the "deleted items cache" if you get what i mean. i have accidentally been on "adult material" before, (a google search bought up a site which linked me to something i didnt want to go on, basically.) and when i installed an "undeletion" program to recover some files when they miraculously dissapeared, this "adult material" surfaced. obviously from when i cleared my internet files. so to the original question...can i completely delete, my deleted files? i dont want anyone finding out what i have been doing..
many thanks,

  DieSse 19:29 02 Aug 2008

You'll find this should wipe clean all the unused space on your system.

click here

Be careful you only use the option to wipe clean the empty spaces. It's shareware, but from a reputable source, and if you just use it the once, it won't cost.

Otherwise -

The remnants will gradually get overwritten by new files.

A defrag will shuffle all the data around, and also quite likely overwrite much empty space. And is a useful thing to do from time to time anyway.

  rdave13 19:36 02 Aug 2008

Also have a look here but again be careful and understand what you are doing; click here

  mfletch 19:39 02 Aug 2008

Eraser can do the same and its free,

click here

Erases FreeSpace on 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and DOS.

  rawprawn 19:39 02 Aug 2008

Eraser is probably the best free"Wipe free space"
click here

  rdave13 19:50 02 Aug 2008

Don't suppose you had a quick gander on my link... ;))

  rawprawn 08:09 03 Aug 2008

Well at least we all think alike ;)
I wonder what Kanish thinks.

  mfletch 12:54 03 Aug 2008

Sorry you know what its like its a case of More haste, less speed

  Kanish 13:35 03 Aug 2008

thankyou all for your help :) i have that "eraser" programme going now, you have all been very helpful. where would the world be without people like you :D. just to check, will this remove the "deleted items" folder?

  rawprawn 13:50 03 Aug 2008

If you use Eraser to "Wipe Free Space" it will only overwrite all the free space on the selected drive. If you want to erase any specific folders or files you can select the ones you want to erase using the option in the Context Menu.

DO NOT make any mistakes when you hit "Erase" they are irretievable.

  Kanish 17:09 03 Aug 2008

ok thanks again everyone. your all very clever :P

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