deleted folder

  nonowtatall 18:51 06 Jul 2010

by accident I deleted the my music folder and all its contents a box came up saying to large for bin so I said yes and it went I then relised it was the main folder is there anyway of recovering it I tried system restore but no good I am on windows xp pro sp3

  wee eddie 19:31 06 Jul 2010

Stop using the PC immediately, as you may be accidentally overwriting some of the missing Folder, and return to the Forum.

Others, who are much more experienced than I, will be able to tell you the most suitable program to use. As, by deleting it, you have not really done so but just removed the Tags that tell Explorer where it is.

  wee eddie 19:36 06 Jul 2010

should have been on the end of the first sentence

  MAT ALAN 19:37 06 Jul 2010

click here

from the same stable as ccleaner, worked for me...

XP Home SP3

  nonowtatall 20:10 06 Jul 2010

Hi Matalan
have installed recuver and ran it but it wont show the folder the my music must have about 4gb in it so where did it go what do i do next

  wee eddie 20:40 06 Jul 2010

but the Music tracks should be, as the Folder is a Virtual Entity. You may have to search for each track individually.

  nonowtatall 20:58 06 Jul 2010

hi wee eddie
tried that there is no music what actuly happens when you delete and the file is too big for the bin does it vanish

  john bunyan 21:27 06 Jul 2010

I hate to ask, but do you have a back up (eg USB HD)? Or any other back ups?

  nonowtatall 21:29 06 Jul 2010

no back up john

  john bunyan 21:37 06 Jul 2010

A pity. Then worth persisting with recuver to look for any .mp3 files. Do you have the music on an .mp3 player (eg iPod)? If so there are ways of reverse synching it.Dont plug it in on auto synch though!!

  MAT ALAN 21:37 06 Jul 2010

click here

you may need to run the "deep scan" option which can take several hours...
if you decide to do this you might want to disconnect from the net and disable any scans you may have on autorun...

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