deleted files

  la44 15:28 25 Jan 2004

please can anyone help, my boyfriend deleted loads of files in a drunken moment. Does anyone know how I can restore them.Thank you.

  Handy Spinner 15:35 25 Jan 2004

Did he delete them from the Recycle Bin as well?

  Handy Spinner 15:37 25 Jan 2004
  la44 15:38 25 Jan 2004

yes he did

  Forum Editor 15:41 25 Jan 2004

1. Go to the recycle bin icon on the desktop and open it up.

2. Now click on a file to highlight it and go to File and select 'restore'. This will put the file back where it was.

3. Devise a method of making him pay.

Of course, if your boyfriend emptied the recycle bin after his deletion session you've had it - the files have gone forever, unless you fancy forking out a lot of money to have them restored by a specialist company (and we are talking about a LOT of money).

  mgmcc 15:41 25 Jan 2004

If they are not in the Recycle bin, you may still be able to recover them if they haven't been overwritten on the hard disk. A Google search on "Undelete" should give you an application to use, otherwise email me by clicking the little envelope beside my name and I can email you an Undelete program - it's less than 200k.

  Forum Editor 15:47 25 Jan 2004

that needs to be installed AFTER files have been deleted.

The installation process itself can overwrite files that have been deleted, and then you'll not get them back.

If you are going to use an undelete utility, get one that can run from a floppy disk - do not install it on your hard drive.

  LastChip 15:49 25 Jan 2004

click here for an excellent utility, that will allow you to recover smallish files, but if you want to recover larger (more than 10KBs) files, you will need to purchase a licence.

However, this utility will show all the recoverable files you have on your drive.

Try not to save anything on the drive, until you have recovered what you need, and any saving, is likely to overwrite data already on the drive.

  mgmcc 16:09 25 Jan 2004

<<<If you are going to use an undelete utility, get one that can run from a floppy disk - do not install it on your hard drive.>>>

Good point! The little freebie app I have can be run from a floppy and, as far as I know, doesn't have any restrictions on the number or size of files that can be recovered. It just means that the self-extracting file of less than 200k needs to be downloaded and it can then be copied to a floppy, extracted and run from there.

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