deleted favourites keep coming back

  extracopy 18:24 08 May 2007

good evening all three days after deleting any unwanted favourites they are back again can anyone please help it will be much appreciated thanks

  Ex plorer 18:56 08 May 2007

Hi there are two ways that I know of one is open favorites right click on the one you want to delete and delete it, or click on favorites and then on organize and delete that way this is for IE6

  extracopy 19:42 08 May 2007

thanks ex plorer i have been using the method of clicking organise delete. until the last month this has worked, but now after a couple of days they are back i will try the right click and see what happens thanks again

  birdface 19:47 08 May 2007

Is it things that you have put into favorites,Or have they been put there by another program,

  birdface 19:51 08 May 2007

Reason i asked is you have a virus which puts a lot of there programs into favorites ,and you cant get rid of them, Casino and programs like that,You dont have Mns plus on your computer do you.

  birdface 19:53 08 May 2007

MSN plus I should have said.

  extracopy 20:00 08 May 2007

thanks for the reply buteman.its items of interest that i entered myself and my pc is clean /i think

  [email protected] 20:05 08 May 2007
  extracopy 21:35 08 May 2007

thanks eyeryone for your help /as i said they stay deleted for about three days then reappear so i wont know if i have been successful till about monday

  T0SH 22:15 08 May 2007

When you delete your favourite URL`s they will end up in the recycle bin ,check they are in the recycle bin after deletion and again after they reappear in your favourites , this way you can eliminate the possibility of them having been accidentally restored ,(or you could just empty the bin following deletions)
Cheers HC

  johnnyrocker 23:13 08 May 2007

and resolved how?


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