deleted all music in error- help

  trv4n 15:46 08 Jan 2011

I have used Windows media player and Itunes to load music on to my pc.
Today,I deleted all tracks from my Windows Media Player.I also pressed 'delete tracks from PC'

I then went into Itunes to then find that it would not play certain albums as the 'original file could not be found!It played a few others but not all.

I restored items from my recycle bin thinking that this would be fine. Unfortunately this did not work. However music files are seen in the 'MUSIC' file.

Choosing START, MUSIC,there are files and albums that are there which play OK. These will not play in I tunes .
Is this something to do with music files not converted to Itunes? If it is, is there a way to convert files to I tunes from the 'MUSIC' files.

I hope this makes sense. Thank you for you help. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  jamesd1981 15:52 08 Jan 2011

download RECUVA from click here

then run it to search for just music files, will take a while and when finished will list this files its found just select the ones you want to get back.

  trv4n 16:20 08 Jan 2011

thank you, i will try it

  john bunyan 16:26 08 Jan 2011

In my case, i Tunes music is in My Documents/ My Music/ iTunes/iTunes Music folder.
Also in itunes/Preferences/Advanced I have the box ticked "copy files to i tunes media folder when adding to library."
In this way, if you have set itunes as your preference for playing mp3 files and you open i tunes, if you, via windows explorer,go to where the music file is and left click it, it should play in i tunes and a copy should go to your i tunes library. If you find the missing tunes, what is the file extension - right click an choose Propertise to find out. If not mp3 come back for more advice. Another way in itunes is to click on file/add file to the library, then navigate via windows explorer as before.

  john bunyan 16:36 08 Jan 2011

PS Sorry but yet another example of not backing up data to another drive! Do have a look at many threads on back ups as the same could happen to your photos or other data you have generated.

  trv4n 16:58 08 Jan 2011

hello, tried recuva, ticked all files as from 'today'. recovered to a file in my MUSIC file.not sure what to do next.
John i will have a look at the above. I just bought a 500gb back up drive last week. So i guess my files are on that somewhere to use. Not sure how to retrieve or recover yet. I will have to have another look tomorrow pm. thank you update tomorrow on success.

  john bunyan 17:10 08 Jan 2011

I addition to back ups such as Acronis True Image for system back up I use either Freefilesynch or Synch Toy (Both free) to make mirror (or echo) copies of the whole of my data (My Documents - Music, Photos, Word and e Mail) These programmes look on the left to your existing data and then make an exact copy on the right(On the USB Drive). The first run takes a while, but subsequent runs only changes the files you have added or deleted. A very easy way to fund stuff accidentally deleted.
Good luck and do come back if you need any clarification.

  trv4n 19:25 10 Jan 2011

james1981: I have some music back in my WMP. However some tracks of albums are mixed up, duplicated or contain songs from other albums (?)
I have been doing a music search and identifying some music files and transferring back on to itunes. It takes a while. It may be quicker than uploading the Cd's again.
John B thankyou for your advice. i will look further at your suggestions when i have time. thank you all. I will continue in the search....

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