Deleted Addresses in Outlook Express

  Legslip 17:57 16 Sep 2010

A friend has deleted by mistake a lot of contacts/addresses in Outlook Express. Is there any way of recovering them?

  rawprawn 18:30 16 Sep 2010

Try search for *.dbx also have you looked in the "Deleted" Folder?

  Legslip 18:44 16 Sep 2010

Thanks Rawprawn.
Rushing out but will try tomorrow.

  Batch 19:07 16 Sep 2010

The contact details are stored in a file of USERNAME.wab where USERNAME is the user name (believe it or not).

If you open Address Book and click Help and then About Address Book, it will tell you where this file is located.

If you use Windows Explorer to navigate to this location, you may find an old version of the file there, called USERNAME.wab~

If there is such a file, make sure OE and Address Book are closed, then rename USERNAME.wab to, say,
USERNAMEXXX.wab and then rename USERNAME.wab~ to USERNAME.wab

Then open Address Book and see whether it improves the situation (make sure that nothing else is missing). If it doesn't improve the situation, suggest you reverse the renames and just accept that the contact details are gone (unless your friend has some other sort of backup, which sounds unlikely).

  Legslip 00:36 17 Sep 2010

Late night thought, and longhand solution, but if my pal has not deleted his old sent/received emails, how about listing them by received/sent-to alphabetically in columns and opening them once by contact name, right clicking on contact name in the 'sent to' or 'received from' box and using the option of Save to Address Book? I think that works in Out. Xpress.

  Legslip 08:24 15 Oct 2010

Addresses recovered using my 'longhand' solution. Took a little while but he got 'em all back.

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