delete vista retore points with this?

  march 18:09 28 Feb 2009

reading on this forum & google I understand that you cannot select individual vista restore points & delete them

when on google I saw this

click here

as anyone tried it?

  brundle 18:27 28 Feb 2009

"Well, as promised here is a beta for people to play with, use this at your own risk, if it happens to trash your entire computer it’s not my fault! This program requires .net framework 3.5 and has been tested on XP and Vista only."

Vista System Restore is so much more involved than XP's I would refrain from meddling with beta products from random people;
click here

  march 18:39 28 Feb 2009

ah no! don't get me wrong brundle; I'm not thinking of using it I only wanted to know if anyone had seen it or used it,

noted there is no responses or comments on the site!

I am not daft enough to mess with things I have enough problems sorting out pc via this forum without having to post saying I've used some non discript solution & getting a scolding off anyone.

  canarieslover 18:56 28 Feb 2009

I have bookmarked it so that I can come back later and see how other users have fared. Having only been using Vista for two weeks I was amazed at how much room System Restore takes. Of course I had spent the first few days loading in all the programs that I would be needing. What takes up about 25gb on my XP Pro C: drive was reporting 146gb used on my Vista C: drive. Everything was running smoothly so I did a clean-up and delete all points except last. To regain 100gb 'Just like that', as Tommy Cooper might say, astounded me. I shall watch that site with interest.

  march 19:24 28 Feb 2009


I too have also only used vista for a couple of weeks, everything very new to me with it. I was on wins98 so it's a big difference.
on my old pc I had a program that I could manually create & delete restore points, pity microsoft didn't have a program that did the same; thats why I wonder if anyone knows about the above program.

  canarieslover 19:38 28 Feb 2009

From what I have read so far I believe that Vista Restore Points are incremental. When you do a disk clean up and then delete all Restore points except last it takes quite a while to achieve it. Its not like it is just deletind files, but that it is rebuilding a file for restore. Obviously any program that enables you to selectively delete Restore Points would have to rebuild any subsequent points as far as I understand it. I wait with bated breath to see if this utility works. I hope it does.

  acein1 19:46 28 Feb 2009

you can reduce the amount of space used by "vista" from the default "15%" to whatever you want,in my case i reduced from 15% to 8%,but you will have to enter the registry to do so .
click start
type regedit
navigate to hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\
right click diskpercent, chose modify
change to decimal.
and then enter the new ammount.

please only do this at your own risk and if you feel confident enough, to do so .

  canarieslover 19:57 28 Feb 2009

Problem that I have is that it still seems to regard the % taken as from my 1tb drive and not the 500gb partition that it is on. Vista was pre-installed when I got the machine and I then shrunk the drive to 500gb to enable me to partition it. There is no way that it should have used 100gb for System Restore on the 500gb partition as that is 20%. Maximum it should have used was 75gb.

  nbedford 10:54 01 Mar 2009

I appreciate not everyone want to use "beta products from random people", but in my defense I only set about developing this tool for my own curiosity.

Microsoft have an API call that let you delete a single restore point, and this is what my program uses.

[code]click here(VS.85).aspx[/code]

Regards, Nic

  nbedford 10:56 01 Mar 2009

Atttempt 2 at posting the link to MSDN:

"click here(VS.85).aspx"

  march 11:23 01 Mar 2009

hiya nbedford
good to see you responding,dont think you have to defend yourself, good luck to you

would be excellent to hear from someone on forum who had tried it, think there would be a lot of people very interested in using it as there are an awful lot of users of vista that complain about the system restore.
only came across it as I was looking to find out how the restore works & I'm afraid I am not very computer savvy but there a lot of knowledgeable users on this site which is why I posted to get their views about it;


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