Delete unwanted/unnecessary programmes

  Housten 15:44 18 Jul 2011

Good afternoon,

I have had some problems recently and have started looking at what is on the hard drive of my desktop. I do not play games ( well apart from solitaire, when I am waiting for something to be done ) and use the computer to keep an eye on our bank account, and Excel for our shares, with Word used for letter writing and using IE9 for the internet. So apart from mostly basic programmes I don’t think I need any others so when I saw the list of what’s on the hard drive I was most surprised. I have listed five programmes below that I don’t think I need, but I do not know exactly what they do and how they interact with all the other programmes on my hard drive and I am hoping someone may be able to a) tell me what these programmes do and b) whether I need them or can safely delete them. Any advice/help/information on any of the programmes will be very much appreciated and received with many thanks.

The programmes are :-

1/ J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 7

2/ Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable –x86 9.0.30729.6161

3/ Microsoft Sync Framework 2.0 Provider Services ( x86 ) ENU

4/ Microsoft Sync Framework 2.0 Core Components ( x86 ) ENU

5/ Apple Application Support

  chub_tor 17:35 18 Jul 2011
  1. J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 7 is not needed but you do need Java for some webpages to work, the latest is Java SE6 Update 26

    1. The Microsoft visual C++ 2008 redistributable contains "runtime components" and "libraries" that are needed to run some applications on you computer. The redistributable package was most likely installed on your computer by a program that you installed that requires it in order to run. That being said, you should leave it

Microsoft Sync Framework 2.0 you should probably leave alone, to the best of my knowledge it was and may still be used by ATI/Radeon Catalyst.

Apple Application Support is used by Quicktime and itunes, the latter you may not need but Quicktime is often used for internet video.

  woodchip 18:20 18 Jul 2011

they all should be left alone as they are needed, for use in internet surfing. if you have any programs that you can remove look in control panel under add remove programs, you will also see a tab for removing windows components

  Housten 19:27 18 Jul 2011


Many thanks for your replies. I will take the easy way out and leave them all!! What I will do is delete the Visual C++ programme/file when it gets updated. I noticed about a month ago that there mst have been 5 or 6 copies of this on my computer and I deleted all bar the last one, and I meant to ask the question then but forgot.

So, many, many thanks once again to you for your time and trouble.

  wee eddie 23:11 18 Jul 2011

I would be tempted to suggest that you're mad trying to "Delete" any programs installed by Windows.

While it may not be immediately obvious what a particular program is doing, you will have no idea whether another part of Windows needs to access it to function properly.

I would be very wary as the potential benefit will, very likely, be minimal and the potential for a problem is much higher.

  Snrub 23:50 18 Jul 2011

Agree with wee eddie and woodchip leave well alone.

  woodchip 15:02 19 Jul 2011

They may be part of Security Updates

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