Delete Processes in Task Manager...

  erncas 03:06 11 May 2003

Using Windows XP Home...
How do I delete un-needed programs loaded on start up from Windows Task Manager/ Processes...

  temp003 05:08 11 May 2003

You can only stop a process in Task Manager.

To prevent a program running at startup every time, click Start, Run, type msconfig, and press Enter.

Select the Startup tab, and untick any non-essential programs you don't want to run at startup. Click OK.

  temp003 05:16 11 May 2003

The msconfig method prevents programs from running.

In Task Manager, you also see other processes running, some of which are system Services.

For a complete view of your computer's configuration of Services, click Start, Run, and type services.msc and press Enter.

Automatic means a service which runs at startup. Manual means it will run when it is required. Disabled means it cannot run.

click here for some suggestions on configuration of services. Although this is a common tweak, different people have different experience. I don't find tweaking services makes much difference to my boot time or system resources. But it may be different for others.

Also be careful you do not disable a service on which another service is dependant. In most cases, if you do not want a service to run automatically, set it to manual.

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