Delete a Partition

  Sunny-275842 19:37 21 Mar 2003

i got 2 partitions on my pc, 3 inc the C:\ .
how do i delete one of the partitions without formatting my pc or can i delete partitions without formatting my hdd?

if so how do i do it?

thanks Spudling

  powerless 19:39 21 Mar 2003

What operating system?

Also what are on these partitions?

  Sunny-275842 19:42 21 Mar 2003

XP Pro, one has XP on and one has Programmes on and the other one has nothing, thats why i want to delete that one and give the C: back more space since when i partitioned it, i only gave it 5Gb(!)

  powerless 19:46 21 Mar 2003

Start > Control Panel > Admin Tools > Computer Management > Disc Mangament (on the left).

Right click the Partition and delete. However this will only make it free space. As far as i know you cannot give back part of the HDD to another partiton. Like you want to do, using XP itself.

You need a third paty program such Partiton Magic to do this.

  Sunny-275842 19:49 21 Mar 2003

if i delete the partition then where does the free space go? is it shared between the 2 left?

where can i get Partiton Magic?

  Nick1 19:53 21 Mar 2003

You can order it online from click here


  Sunny-275842 19:55 21 Mar 2003

order it?!?! ill find it somewhere.....

so what does the programme do?

  powerless 19:57 21 Mar 2003

Free space is there waiting to be used, made into a partiton. It will not get shared.

Just keep this thread at the top someone may have a cheaper way than buying PM.

  Sunny-275842 19:59 21 Mar 2003

:( you was helping me so well!!! do you have PM? :D

  powerless 20:04 21 Mar 2003


But i know you can, I'm sure you can, i'll bet a penny, the car, the house...

Even the cup-a-soup...

that you can merge that freespace with C


Now come on someone say you can do this, otherwise, i've lost everything :-(

  Sunny-275842 20:13 21 Mar 2003

lol well ive found it :P and i told u i will in someways.....

thanks for the help anyway!


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