Delete or not delete secondary HDD ?

  Furkin 13:02 26 Feb 2008

I had to put a new HDD on my machine a couple of years ago, but I didn't transfer everything from the old one (virus conscious ?!) in one go.
Bit by bit I stopped using the old drive (now called 'D')
I now never use it & was going to delete it completely, & maybe use it just to store audio / video files on it.
When I had a look yesterday, there are things on there that I don't want to remove without advice.

I was wondering if I can just delete everything that's on there ? If so, do I then treat is as just another drive - or do I have to reformat / partition or anything ?

A couple of things still on there are:
WINDOWS: (I assume this is my previous XP)

PROGRAM FILES: I am assuming that this also is a separate set to the one on my new(er) 'C' drive. I might need to check a few files/letters/forms etc) As I havn't accessed this for well over a year (maybe two) I don't think there is anything important there.


VAR: containing 'opt'

1386: ??

DRV: ??


WIN_NT$~BT: ??

Apart from personal stuff that I might just need to look through first, I don't want to glibbly delete everything if my entire system depends on anything on there.

This is an ACER T120 home machine running XP Pro SP2 & 2gb RAM.

any help or advice appreciated.

thanks for reading,,,,

  Pamy 13:09 26 Feb 2008

How big is the old drive and why did you have to replace it ,as it still seams to be OK? If there is any usefull space on it just yous it for what you want and think about deleting the other stuff when its full

  Totally-braindead 13:22 26 Feb 2008

Windows will be loaded on your C drive so removing or deleting anything on it should make no difference, the only thing you might miss is if you have installed programs from scratch on the other drive, then of course if you remove it the programs will be gone. Other than that and any documents I see no problems.

You could just disconnect it and see if everything is still ok, it should be but as I said if you have some programs loaded onto the other drive then of course they will no longer work.

  Furkin 13:25 26 Feb 2008

Hi Pamy,
1/ only 40gb
2/ Suspected virus (a problem of some kind) Caused a few problems - one being not being able to log on to O.Express at all. I put the problem on these pages,,,, but we couldn't get it resolved.
3/ Could do I s'pose,,,, but i'll have the same request then also ?!

thanks for your help

  Furkin 13:29 26 Feb 2008

As far as I aware, my machine dosn't go to or rely on anything on the D drive any more,,,, but the bit about "as far as 'I' am aware" is the crux of the matter. I just don't know if anything is being accessed behind the scenes.

Yep, I could just disconnect it for a while. Would this cause my machine to ask where it is ?

  Totally-braindead 13:34 26 Feb 2008

Would this cause my machine to ask where it is ?

It shouldn't no, but if you have a shortcut as an example on your desktop to a program and its on your second drive it would come up with an error message saying it can't find the program. Same with any pics or documents you have if they are stored on the other drive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:00 26 Feb 2008

If you find you are not using anything on it just format it to regain the space.

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