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  Nonnyriley 10:27 14 Mar 2003

On behalf of a friend (who has just bought XP corparate) for his internet cafe.

Is it possible to use partition magic to install XP coporate using partition magic 8 when he currently has xp? . He wants the option at start up to chose which os to load. If so, If he wants to kepp corporate how can he delete his current xp home edition?

Any ideas welcome

  €dstow 10:40 14 Mar 2003

Not wishing to appear rude but, if your friend is going to run a SUCCESSFUL internet cafe, he needs to have sufficient knowldge and expertise to be able to answer the questions that you pose here himself.

Why should he want to install a second copy of the operating system he has already there? Just because it may be a corporate edition doesn't make it any better. If it's a problem with activation then the version that is installed will have already been activated. You can't (legitimately) take it out and use it elsewhere.

Or have I misunderstood everything?


  Nonnyriley 10:51 14 Mar 2003

oh, sorry I didn't explain myself properly. His "internet cafe" is what he calls his collection of pc's in his house which he uses to link up and play games which friends. He has xp pro installed but has a few screws lose and didn't know about product activation so then went out and bought corporate.

So would you mind answering the question please: If he installs another os using partition magic can he after delete his xp he has now?

  €dstow 10:56 14 Mar 2003

In that case then, it would most likely be best to start afresh. Save anything that is vital and do a fresh install on each machine.


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