Delete items from Outlook calender

  steve263000 13:39 04 Aug 2010

I have put many items in my Outlook calender relating to my work life. However I have now retired and want to get rid of them. When deleting there used to be a choice of deleting the item or the series. That seems to have stopped on mine and the only way I have found is to manually click on the item and delete. I can of course ctrl and click on several and delete but some of these are going on for years to come. Has anyone got an idea of what I can do to get rid of some of this stuff?

  Woolwell 15:35 04 Aug 2010

Try - View - Current View and then select Recurring Appointments. This should show all of the "series" appointments. Select the top one hold shift and select bottom one and delete.

  steve263000 16:51 04 Aug 2010

Thank you Wollwell that has sorted that out!

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