Delete internet History

  pugsymalone 09:40 20 Nov 2006


How do you delete all internet history - i know you can do this in internet options but theres still a trace somewhere on the PC .. how do I remove it all?


  recap 09:42 20 Nov 2006

Download Ccleaner is one option that will delete all Internet Histroy and a load more from your computer. You can download it if you click here

  VoG II 09:51 20 Nov 2006

Or CleanUp! click here

  anskyber 09:51 20 Nov 2006

Remember, if it really worries you, that deletion does not mean deletion in the strictest meaning of the word.

It in effect says to the PC "I do not need that disc space any more so you can overwrite it when you need to" So it is still there if you are determined to find it and have the right equipment. For example there is software which can recover data like deleted photographs provided the data has not been overwritten already by the PC.

There are programs which will overwrite deleted data several times to make them unrecoverable, Spybot has a facility in it but there are others. I do not use software like that, I do not need to.

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