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  Jonah(without the whale) 22:06 06 Dec 2009

I decided to use the PCTOOLS program File Recovery on the latest advisor disc.

I was somewhat dismayed to find that hundreds of files I thought I had deleted and lost for good, are listed when the machine is scanned.

The status of some of them is poor and they cannot be recoevered, but others are excellent and can be recovered.

But worse than that, the names of the files are clearly shown. So my privacy is still blown to bits, as the names are sometimes indicative of the what the file represented.

I usually use CCleaner to clear Internet Files, and have used it to clear empty space as well. This leads me to think that the names of the files are retained somewhere else, in a log or something - OR, that I'm missing the point here.

Can anyone help me to remove my machine not only of files but their names too.

  mgmcc 22:23 06 Dec 2009

When you delete a file, it isn't actually deleted but it is removed from the index that Windows uses to access files. It therefore appears to Windows to have been deleted and the space it occupied on the hard drive is available to be overwritten with new data. If a file hasn't been overwritten several times, file recovery software may be able to reinstate the file.

There is software available to "shred" files so that they cannot be recovered.

  DieSse 22:27 06 Dec 2009

This is a free simple one

click here

KillDisk will also do the same job, using it's Wipe function (but be VERY careful you don't use it's main function, which erases the whole drive!)

click here

  DieSse 22:38 06 Dec 2009

I've been reading up on this a little - and removing the names from the MFT (Master File Table) is not the same as overwriting all the file contents.

You may need to look for a different utility to do that. But try the KillDisk one to see it it removes the names too (the simple one certainly won't).

  Woolwell 23:35 06 Dec 2009

On the same PCA disc is Security Box which states that File Washer erases files completely.

  Jonah(without the whale) 21:56 07 Dec 2009

Hey guys
Thanks for the info. If I may reply to each in turn.

mgmcc - I am aware of what happens, but my beef is that in spite of shredding files when I ran File Recovery job, there was still evidence of the file being there, and I did not know why.

DieSse - this sounds a bit dangerous! I'll check it out becaseu it also sounds viable too. but your follow-up mentions something I've not heard of - the Master File Table.

And finally Woolwell- I think you have highlighted my problem - the shredder software I have used previously all say they remove files completely, but do they mean the names of them as well? It' obvious to me they don't. Obviously, I must check the disk.

Many thanks to each. I'll check everything out and report back - but that might take some days.

Thanks again, and for being to quick too. I really appreciate your help.


  canarieslover 08:52 08 Dec 2009

Here's another freebie. As the name says, it shreds files. click here

  bremner 09:49 08 Dec 2009

When you used CCleaner did you go into settings and change the setting from the default to 'secure deletion'.

  interzone55 11:57 08 Dec 2009

If you use Eraser click here the more advanced Gutmann options erase the file in several steps

They overwrite the data several times (up to 35) with random data, change the file size bit in the MFT to 0, then overwrite the filename in the MFT. This should stop all but the most determined spy armed with a scanning electron microscope.

For more details of how Gutmann file shredding works have a read of this: click here

  Jonah(without the whale) 20:34 09 Dec 2009

Thanks for the advise guys, but I'm not sure that my question is understood yet.

I checked out Security box and have decided that it is only going to do what other products have done so far, so please read on.

My files are shredded by Ccleaner and McAfee if I used that - no problem with that, and whether they can be shredded more effectively is another matter (which I will check later).

The question is that when I run the PC Tools program, files that have been shredded cannot be retrieved, but the files are listed in that product by name. Those names are what I want to be rid of.

Now, the file names must exist somewhere, but where, and how can I remove them?

progerams I have checked say they remove all trace, but how can they?

The Security box software needs the locatiobn and name of a file to delete, but since I have shredded the file, there is nol ocation and PSTools reports the name only.


  DieSse 22:26 09 Dec 2009

"Now, the file names must exist somewhere, but where, and how can I remove them?"

They exist in the Master File Table - and you must use a program that removes them from there.

If Eraser does that, as suggested above, then that's what you need. There may be other programs - the best way to check which do what you need is to test them for yourself.

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