Delete e-mails WITHOUT opening.

  Drum 17:09 30 Jan 2005

Can someone please help, as this has evaded me for years. I had given up trying to do this, but recent virus alerts have brought this back into focus.
How does one delete an e-mail, WITHOUT opening it?
I'm running Win XP and OE 6 now, but had exactly the same problem with W98 Se.
Everyone says ""right click an e-mail, and select delete from the menu that appears, to delete without opening".

But I can NOT right click select, without opening. As soon as an e-mail is selected by either right or left clicking, it appears opened in the lower pane of Outlook Express.

Recently, with my new WXP PC, I configured folder options in control panel to single left click to open a folder, but even with this changed back to the default setting of double left click to open, single right clicking ALWAYS opens the selected item, and has done for years.

........So how's it done?

  Hamish 17:14 30 Jan 2005

In outlook express, click View, then layout, then removed tick from Show Preview Pane. The email will not now open and you can delete with right click

  PA28 17:14 30 Jan 2005

Knock out the preview option in Outlook/Outlook Express. It really is that easy!

  PA28 17:15 30 Jan 2005


  VoG II 17:16 30 Jan 2005
  Drum 17:29 30 Jan 2005

WOW Guys, that was a quick response, and such a simple solution too!

......but,...... if I've got the preview pane of my inbox showing when an e-mail comes in, and, by some great misfortune a mail with a virus lands at the top of the list, I'm scuppered then aren't I?

I suppose the solution to that is to always have the preview pane not showing. Is that what most people do?

  VoG II 17:30 30 Jan 2005

Preview pane always off is the best idea.

  Drum 17:42 30 Jan 2005

Sorted, after all these years.


  bretsky 17:51 30 Jan 2005

I use mailwasher, so I only download the emails I want, so some days OE doesn't even get opened, all read from the mailwasher window. click here great program.

Mailwasher connects to your mail server, so never downloads any emails you don't want, and you can set the program to check your server, say, every 10 minuets or whatever you like.

bretsky ;0)

  Diemmess 17:59 30 Jan 2005

May I have the next Minuet?

I have the time because Aol shows what is there without opening it first! :>)

  Stuartli 18:01 30 Jan 2005

Having the Preview Pane enabled is one of the key entrances for viruses in OE; just a click on the e-mail can set it going.

With the Preview Pane PERMANENTLY disabled you can safely right click>Properties>read from Message Source and also the sender details if you wish.

Close down by using OK and then delete the still highlighted e-mail using the Toolbar's Delete button.

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