Delete in Dos

  Sealer 21:46 07 Sep 2003

I need to delete a file that windows explorer uses, it's a .dll. I need to delete it as it's giving me probs. I know where it is in windows (Windows\system), but how do i find it and delete it in dos?
fingers crossed :-)

  Sealer 21:47 07 Sep 2003

Sorry, Win 98Se

  keith-236785 22:03 07 Sep 2003

shutdown and restart in msdos,

you will probably see the prompt C:>windows

at the prompt type

cd system +press enter

prompt should change to C:>windows/system

if your filename is for example FRED.DLL

type delete(or remove i cant remember) FRED.DLL + press enter

that should be all you need to do.

next just type win + press enter to boot back into windows or press reset button.

  Sealer 22:31 07 Sep 2003

Good One! I am sorted again ;-) thanx a bunch

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