Delete DAP

  emanresu 20:04 01 May 2009

Can anybody tell me how to uninstall DAP.
I have tried add & remove programs but it is not shown there. I have tried the programs uninstall but i get a massage saying "install" can not be found.I have tried Revo but this does not work. HELP.

  MAJ 20:10 01 May 2009

Try reinstalling it first, the uninstall option might have been corrupted, reinstalling usually fixes that problem, then try to uninstall in the usual manner.

  Technotiger 20:10 01 May 2009

Try re-installing DAP, then un-install it.

I can't imagine why Revo did not work, it has never let me down.

  Technotiger 20:13 01 May 2009

BTW - I use DAP quite a lot, and mine is shown in Add/Remove in Control Panel.

  Pastor Joe 21:52 01 May 2009

Go to Program files, DAP, and click on unwise. It should uninstall. If unwise is not there you have a corrupted installation so download and install it again before uninstalling.

  rdave13 21:56 01 May 2009

As a 'by the way' Revo failed to get rid of Sunbelt/ Keiro firewall totally.

  Technotiger 07:34 02 May 2009

Noted, but I use Sunbelt/Kerio, paid for version, I would never want to get rid of Kerio anyway!

I guess there is no such thing, as a totally foolproof computer program anyway.

  sunnystaines 08:32 02 May 2009

was DAP turned off before deleting was tried.

very last resort delete folder in explorer then also in regedit.
run "search" for leftover dap files and run a reg scanner to clear up leftovers.

  Technotiger 08:52 02 May 2009

Also as a BTW - I guess that a lot of people don't use Revo properly, so they blame Revo for not getting rid of, whatever!

How to use Revo (at least this is how I do it, which has always resulted in success) >>>

1. Open Revo, wait until fully populated (as in Add/Remove programs).

2. Highlight the program to be removed.

3. Click on the Un-install icon in the row of icons across, which make up Revo's Menu. (Don't mess with making other choices, unless prompted to do so by Revo).

4. Revo will then use the program's own uninstaller (if it has one). When that is done Revo will then use it's own Un-installer.

5. During this process the program's own un-installer may prompt you to re-start your computer - IGNORE that prompt and let Revo continue.

6. You will then be presented with the Option to Select All and to Delete All ... DO SO! Don't be picky by looking at what Revo has chosen to delete and making your own choices - Trust Revo!

7. You may get a second option to Select All and to Delete - again, DO SO!

8. You will eventually be able to click on Finish. Job done - almost!

9. Re-start you computer! Job done!

Cheers ... TT (I don't think I have forgotten anything)

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