Delete All But My Windows XP Pro & Office XP

  Solartopi 15:04 27 Feb 2008

Hi Folks,

I now have a spare 40GB hard drive in my computer. I upgraded it to an 80GB hard Drive.

I wish to put all my Pictures in the 40GB. Could anyone please tell me how to go about deleting all my Files in the 40GB Hard Drive except my Operating System Windows XP Pro and my Office XP.

I don't want to Format the 40GB hard drive because I dont have the CD.



  interzone55 15:23 27 Feb 2008

I'm a little bit confused...

You had a 40gb drive, now you've added an 80gb drive.

You want to move your photos from the 40gb drive, leaving Windows & Office on the 40gb drive.

If your photos are in the My Documents folder this task is quite easy.

Right Click on the My Documents icon and select Properties, it will show the current location of the My Documents folder, click the Move button and a folder list will appear, select the 80GB drive & press apply.

  Solartopi 17:35 01 Mar 2008

Hello alan14,

SORRY if I have confused you. Lets start again.

My present 80GB hard drive has all my photos. I'm not using my spare 40GB hard that's still in my computer.

To save space on my 80GB HD I want to transfer all my photos, about 700 to my 40GB HD. I only want to have on this 40GB HD my XP Pro & Office XP. Then I will transfer all my photos into it.

How do I go about deleting everything on the 40gB HD except XP Pro & Office XP.


  tullie 17:43 01 Mar 2008

Your not using your 40gig hard drive,yet your operating systems on it,is that right?

  Sea Urchin 17:44 01 Mar 2008

It depends what you have on your 40Gb drive - if it's files and documents then you just delete them. If you have programs installed you can uninstall them. But I'm assuming that the XP Pro and Office are the operating systems you are using, and therefore you would need to be very careful if you tried deleting parts of that.

  lotvic 18:36 01 Mar 2008

Just so we understand your set-up
Click on 'My Computer' then 'View' then select 'Details'
Now tell us what drive letter is assigned to your 40Gb harddrive
and what letter is assigned to your 80Gb harddrive

Now click on your 40Gb harddrive and see how much 'free space' it has
now do the same for your 80Gb harddrive.

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