Delayed Write Failure.

  Daveson 09:13 04 May 2006

Hi, every now and again i get this error message on my EXT HDD. I yellow caution triangle pops up and it says "Delayed Write Failure on F:\%"

Does anyone know what this is, why its happenening and how to solve it ?

Thanks, Craig.

  knockin on 10:07 04 May 2006

Are you unplugging the drive, before it has finished saving something for you? This can take longer than you think sometimes. On XP there is a 'safely remove hardware' button (task bar clock end) which might help

  gudgulf 10:18 04 May 2006

You could try this........with the external drive switched on open Device Manager (Start..right click My Computer,select Properties and then click on Device Manager) and locate your external drive under the Disk Drives icon.Click on the drive and select properties...from there go into the Policies tab and select "Optimise for fast removal"

That stops the drive from caching information to the memory/main hard drive and means you can switch it off or unplug it without going through "Safely Remove Hardware"

Usefull for USB pen drives etc too.

  Daveson 10:31 04 May 2006

Hi, thanks for your time. Well i just turned on my EXT HDD and left it for about 10 mins while i attended other things and i still got the error. The drive is clean, fully formatted, theres nothing on it. It says that there is eiather an error with my laptop or in the network (not on a network) I have checked the settings under device manager and its already set up for fast removal. Weird.

Is there anything else on this that you can think of ?


  gudgulf 23:38 04 May 2006

Delayed Write Failure

Some ideas from the web...

click here

click here

click here

Hope you can find something of use from those.

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