Delayed emails

  Nosmas 09:37 15 May 2003

My system is W98 and OE (v5.5)
In the last few days I have downloaded some emails which have been dated a couple of days earlier. A few minutes ago I received one dated 08/05/03. These have all been commercial as opposed to private emails, but I am puzzled why they have been delayed - particularly the last one which is now a week old!

Anyone have any ideas please?

  Pesala 09:48 15 May 2003

If you write an email, then send it while off-line it will go into your outbox datestamped for today. When you go on-line it will be sent. Perhaps the business are carrying out some checks before sending the emails.

  Simsy 09:55 15 May 2003

However e-mails can take some time to arrive depending on a number of factors. As I understand it, (and, as usual I'm open to correction here!),
the following will all have a bearing;

Location of sending server

Location of recieving server

Amount of traffic on the servers

Size of the email.

As I understand it the last of these may be the most common reason for delay. Any email sent is broken up into small packets. It's comparable to sending a large delivery to someone, in say five parcels; each parcel will have on it, as well as the address of the recipient a label saying "1 of 5" "2 of 5" "3 of 5" etc. You may recieve this at different times, but because of the labels you know you haven't got the lot untill you have all 5 labels. It's the same with email, but the difference is that your server, (i.e. the server that recieves the email from the sender), wont forward the "parcels" to you until it has the lot. The bigger the email the more parcels there are ad the bigger chance there is of a delay.

I repeat that I'm open to correction on this!



  MartinT-B 09:57 15 May 2003

Contrary to popular belief emails are not instant.

Sometimes they get temporarily blocked - imagine a log jam on a river - and only arrive once they have 'freed' themselves. This sort of thing happens when 1000s of emails arrive at a hub at the same time. 99.999% of them sail through, some don't.

3 days ago there was a problem with BTs SMTP server. Sending mail was a rather hit and miss affair for about 8 hours. Some Emails I sent still haven't arrived.

  VoG™ 09:58 15 May 2003

Are you with Blueyonder by any chance? click here

  Sir Radfordin™ 10:11 15 May 2003

It could just be a case of someone not knowing the day or the time! If its set wrong on a computer/server then it will give an incorrect time stamp.

Apparently if an XP computer is 12 hours out of time sync with the Update site it won't work. I think anyone running a PC with the time THAT wrong shouldn't be allowed updates!

  Nosmas 10:19 15 May 2003

Thanks to all for your comments. I am not with Blueyonder - my Broadband ISP is PlusNet, but I have kept my email account (which I have had for some years) with Freenet.

The week-old email was a newsletter from something I receive regularly but without delay.

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