Delay on startup items

  Rhuddlan 17:39 30 May 2004

My friend has windows xp home edition on her comp and it is only NIS & NAV 2003 that are the startup items, when the comp is started and the desktop appears after logging on, the startup items don't load until about a minute or so after the desktop appearing, and when they do load, it slows the comp down for a few mins, just wonderning why they take so long to load and why hey don't load straight away like on my comp, which has the same OS and program, thanks for any help given, Rhuddlan.

  alnwrd 21:01 30 May 2004

It is not just programs which load on startup but also services. The more progs and services load, the more delay there will be. To see what progs are loaded, type msconfig at the run command. Choose selective startup and check the programs which you want to load at startup.

Also at the run command type services.msc to see what services are loaded. These can be selectively set to maual or disabled or auto. Visit black viper's website for info. on this.

  dagwoood 23:12 30 May 2004

Further to alnwrd's post, another good site to find what services you need/don't need to have running is on the eldergeek site.

click here


  hugh-265156 01:57 31 May 2004

start up items can slow things down as you know at start up as can services pointed out above.

as you have only two start up items in msconfig/start up it may be services and drivers that are slowing things down at start up.have you tried disabling norton at start via msconfig up just to check?

have a look at click here for a guide to uneeded services(the safe list works well for me)

try bootvis to enable a faster start up click here install it and click 'trace next boot+driver delays' and restart.

when its finished loading you should be presented with a graph of what is taking time to load at startup. click 'trace/optomize system' and restart

after its finished(may take a few mins) future startups should be faster.

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