Delay cutting power, normal?

  Dragonsteeth 20:06 25 Jan 2009

Could some one tell me whether it is normal for there to be a delay of c10 seconds before power is cut off after pressing the 'power' button to off (on front of a PC) ?

  MAT ALAN 20:16 25 Jan 2009

Probably because it takes that amount of time to FORCE the shut down of the progs in use, It is not really recommended to shut down this way it can cause software corruption...

  Dragonsteeth 20:27 25 Jan 2009

Thanks. I hadnt a choice though. The PC is new and I found that the monitor was not receiving a signal via VGA cable . So had to shut down.
Manufacturer said I should plug the VGA cable into the DVI port using a converter (which they are sending as it was erroneously not supplied, along with any instruction). So when I get the PC running I can shut down correctly and hope I have not corrupted the vista software...

  MAT ALAN 20:36 25 Jan 2009

Not a problem then, if its the only option you have i am sure that it will not cause any probs doing it only the once.
No need to tell you doing it on a regular basis is a NO-NO.
Having said that i don't see any reason why it would not receive a signal unless the cable is faulty or not plugged in all the way..

have you tried switching the input from digital to analogue...

  woodchip 20:42 25 Jan 2009

Yes thats about right

  Dragonsteeth 20:53 25 Jan 2009

I dont understand it either. The VGA cable was secure in the correct positions. Supplier told me that was wrong and it must be plugged into the DVI port using a convertor. They could have put a note in the box dont you think.
Still I'd best do as they say and await the converter.
I'll check my rights with consumer port too, just in case.

  MAT ALAN 21:01 25 Jan 2009

Your monitor should work without any adapters i still think your monitor is set to digital by setting it to analogue should resolve your problem...

My setup is VGA to VGA and my monitor will not receive a digital signal, setting it to analogue (picture perfect) works for me...

  Sea Urchin 22:17 25 Jan 2009

To answer your original question - yes, 7 to 10 seconds is normal to force a shutdown from the power button

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