delay in booting up

  Kingfisher 12:10 20 May 2006

I recently had to reinstall win xp home edition, everything works fine except when the p.c. is booting up it gets to the desktop and icons then there is quite a delay maybe 1 minute then the desktop icons flash as if they are being refreshed, then the pc continues to boot, and then my ethernet connection and Norton continue to load onto taskbar. I never had this delay before the reinstall, any ideas would be appreciated. thankyou

  GaT7 17:26 20 May 2006

There may be something starting up as Windows boots that may be causing the problem.

I'd like to see a list of programs loading when your PC starts, so please post a screenshot link.

To do this:

1. Start > Run > type msconfig > Press OK. On the SCU window that opens, click the Startup tab. Widen the Command column so the full paths are visible (as in 2nd link below).

2. With only the SCU Startup tab displayed, press the Prt Scr (one half of Sys Rq) button on your keyboard.

3. Open your image editor & Edit > Paste / Import the image into the program (crop as necessary if you know how, otherwise let it be), then save it as a picture file.

4. Go to click here & host the file - it's free. (If you have a long list, you may have to post it in 2/3 pics or, use your image editor to 'stitch' them up, then you can host it as a single pic).

5. Finally, post the link here.

If you have any problems with the above, just let us know.

As an example, my Startup list (WinXP Pro) looks like this: click here. As you can see only a handful of programs & PC starts up fairly quick, in just over a min. G

  Kingfisher 15:11 22 May 2006

Thanks for your reply, but I am unable to create an image of the startup entries in scu with the prt scr button so am unable to import it into an image editor.
I should say that my start up is very lean as I have a start up manager(about 5 entries) so I think the problem lies elswhere posibly in the "services", but am reluctant to start messing around with that.
thanks again for your reply

  GaT7 18:07 22 May 2006

You may be right about too many services loading when Windows starts. Try disabling as many of these 'unnecessary' ones & reboot to see if it helps click here (<-- direct PDF file).

To rule out the Startup items & before you do the above, 'Disable All' items in the SCU > Startup tab & reboot? Is there any change?

A few startup troubleshooting links: click here, click here & click here. Good luck, G

PS - about the screenshot. You may not need it now but it's a good little trick to learn. You didn't mention the image editor you're using. I've not come across one that cannot do what I asked - Windows Paint will do it as well. Press Prt Scr. Open Paint. Click on Edit > Paste.

I use the free XNView click here, which allows me to crop the image. It's quite a capable image editor on its own, considering it's free. There are several free 'screenshot' programs that will do the same as well click here.

  GaT7 18:10 22 May 2006

To rule out the Startup items & before you do the above, 'Disable All' items in the SCU > Startup tab & reboot? Is there any change? REMEMBER TO ENABLE ALL IF THERE'S NO DIFFERENCE AFTER REBOOT.

  dkuk2000 18:23 22 May 2006

Sorry to hijack this thread but i have the same problem but my pc also runs a little sluggish after booting,heres my start up details

click here

And also all stuff running in the background

click here

  GaT7 16:06 24 May 2006

More helpful links to both:

* Hacking Windows XP: Speed Up Your Boot click here.
* Speedup & improve XP's Boot and Startup Time click here.

dkuk2000, did you try disabling any of the 'unnecessary' services?

Your first pic link is too tiny so I cannot see anything. Also, as there appears to be many startup entries, you'll need to scroll down in SCU & capture the lower half separately (see point 4. above).

For the stuff running in the background:

* abc.exe may be a problem click here, or it may be OK click here.
* hpsysdrv.exe & wdfmgr.exe may not be required click here & click here.

You can check these out if ever in doubt at click here or click here.

There are many things one can do to speed up sluggish performance: click here, click here, click here, click here, click here, click here, click here & click here.

As far as possible do each process/tweak above one at a time, making sure to obey ALL instructions carefully, heeding warnings wherever necessary & learning how to reverse changes if anything goes wrong.

If things don't live up to expectations, do what I do & reinstall afresh - I do this once every 1-2 years on average. Good luck, G

  Kingfisher 18:46 24 May 2006

Thanks for all your advice, cant spend to much time at my pc at the moment, will post again when I have tried some of your tips
many thanks

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