defragmenting won't defrag,& iget no error message

  daffy2 10:53 27 Apr 2003

I could leave it on all night and it gets to 1% I don't get any error messages but when I stop it it says that that will stop the defragmenting not only that but my scan disc says somethings writing to it so i did the ctrl alt thing and I have no idea what to turn off..I hate computers...

  Gongoozler 11:11 27 Apr 2003

Hi daffy2. If you have tried defragging in safe mode, then have a look at this other current thread. click here.

Meanwhile, what version of Windows are you using.

  CraftyKT 11:12 27 Apr 2003

Do you make sure you have stopped things that run in the background such as your virus scanner, screensaver and so on? I go through the ctrl/alt/delete and get rid of everything except explorer and sys tray. This helps, but even then I find something (I think it`s called rnaap) keeps popping back up and causing problems. Even with this, though, it defrags in much less time than yours is doing. I don`t know what may be writing to the disk though, sorry.
I think everyone has a love/hate relationship with their computer.

  Andsome 11:29 27 Apr 2003

click here Go to the posting by 'Batucadrus'. It is a direct link to Diskeeper lite. The program is free and it defrags in minutes rather than hours. The program is so popular that it has now been withdrawn from the official website, and only the paid for version is now available, but the free version is still available from this link. I cannot recommend this program highly enough.

  dblspace 11:39 27 Apr 2003

could power options be active?.
just a thought,I set mine at NEVER for for all settings before defrag.
as Gongoozler asks what version of windows?.

  Gongoozler 11:55 27 Apr 2003

hi G.I'm to chicken to try safe mode I did recently and it scared the filements out of me.. I'm on windows 98.


Hi Daffy.
It's best to reply via the "Add a new response" box at the bottom of this page, that keeps the thread alive and so will attract the attention of other people who may be able to help.

Don't be scared of Safe Mode. It only looks unfamiliar because it doesn't load all the unnecessary software that gives Normal Mode that friendly feel. Unfortunately it is often some of that software that causes ScanDisk to keep restarting. Safe Mode is just what it says. Because the extra software isn't loaded, your computer is much more stable, and therefore you are less likely to do any damage. The main reason for the scary look is that Windows doesn't load your graphics drivers, and so the display is in low resolution and only 16 colours. Don't let this worry you, it will come back to normal when you restart in Normal Mode. The worst thing that is likely to happen is that your desk-top icons may have been rearranged to fit the low resolution screen.

  dblspace 12:11 27 Apr 2003

click on start,settings,control panel,power management icon,alter power schemes to "NEVER" for all 3 settings.


  daffy2 15:01 27 Apr 2003

I've been busy following tips nothings worked so far but i'll keep going...back soon....i hope.

  daffy2 21:26 27 Apr 2003

she's defragmented and scan disked thanks to ye all. I love my computer again... now if you geniuses could help with my d drive which now is my e drive and has stopped playing my cd's I'll have a specical word with santa for ye....

  Gongoozler 21:36 27 Apr 2003

Hi daffy2. It's good to hear that you have solved one problem - what was the cure? As for the next one, can you tell us what you get in My Computer for all your drives?

If you look in Device Manager, find the cd drive, select Properties - Settings, you may find that the drive has had it's letter reserved.

If you look at Control Panel - Multimedia - CD Music, you will find that the letter for the CD player that is used for playing music is defined.

  daffy2 23:06 28 Apr 2003

The cure was for defrag: downloading dklite. Thank you Andsome and for scan disc it was craftyKT's suggestion. Thanks again to ALL you peoples. :-)

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