denali 21:16 21 Jan 2006

There are a great many posts on the forum regarding "My PC is very slow, It takes ages to do this etc". The obvious solutions are usually given. Check for virus's, spyware etc. I very rarely see any advice ( I am probably wrong) about defragmenting a disk. My daughter brought her laptop home from Uni. threatening all kinds of mayhem, drive over it etc. I did all the usual and then did an analayzis on her HD it is 80g. There were two thin blue lines and a solid red block about two inches long. Anyway I defragged it and everything was fine. ( She even did my ironing for me'

  Stuartli 21:22 21 Jan 2006

It must have been a long time since it was defragged.

I have a 60GB hard drive and am on my system all day and most of the evening virtually every day.

It needs defragging about once every two or three months and even then I'm advised it isn't necessary.

But I do agree that a regular defrag is a sensible approach.

  Stuartli 21:23 21 Jan 2006

Via a message panel from XP of course...

  hzhzhz 21:30 21 Jan 2006

I defrag my pc every 2-3 weeks even if I'm being told that I dont need to. Doing that and keeping all the antivirus and antispyware up to date helps to keep my pc running very sweetly.

  VoG II 21:31 21 Jan 2006

I usually recommend Diskeeper click here or Diskeeper Lite click here

The full version has 'Set it and forget it' which will defrag as and when necessary. Personally I like to think that I am in control so I've gone back to the Lite version where this function is disabled.

  denali 21:41 21 Jan 2006

VoG™I have diskeeper on my Desktop and laptop - on your recommendation a long time ago-It is now on her.Obviously a sensible thing to deframent at least once a month, but not, I am afraid, if you are a 19yr old female who just types reams of course-work and in fact phoned my once to ask how to put something on a floppy. She simply could not understand when I tried to explain there was no floppy on her laptop.

  VoG II 21:50 21 Jan 2006

Tell me about it! I have a 17 YO here. I wait till she is at her Saturday job then get all the crud off her laptop. Unless that is I get the familiar "Dad - my 'puter's broke!".

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