smeghead103 21:52 07 Mar 2003

Help is once again needed from your Fave PC iliterate.
I am trying to defragmentate my hard drive, but all i get in the Details is a blank white screen, and the progress stays on 0%.

And a second point. Does this site have a chat room. If not I think that would be a cool idea.

Anyways, i'm sure there is some boffin out there who can help me defragmentate...:@)

Cheers all

  VoG™ 21:57 07 Mar 2003

What a charming user name you have. I find the "103" a little disconcerting however.

I find it best to defragment in Safe Mode. Assuming Windows XP, reboot and keep tapping F8 to get the menu from which to select Safe Mode.

There used to be "The Lounge" - long since deleted I'm afraid. We only do really serious 'puter stuff in here nowadays.

  MAJ 21:57 07 Mar 2003

Go into Safe Mode and defrag from there, smeghead103.

Not sure about the chat room.

  smeghead103 22:01 07 Mar 2003

I have heard many times of this but never descovered it.

So I am a three year old...please guide me. It may be useful for you to know I'm running windows 98.

The 103 was enforced upon me.

Cheers all

  VoG™ 22:04 07 Mar 2003
  powerless 22:04 07 Mar 2003

Its the same as vog says...

When the computer is starting keep tapping the F8 key and then you will be given an options screen selcet option 3 which is SAFE MODE.

Run defrag from there ;-)

  MAJ 22:05 07 Mar 2003

Turn off your PC, then reboot it while holding down the Ctrl key until you see the Windows setup menu appear. When it appears, take your finger off the Ctrl key and choose Safe Mode, option 3 if I remember correctly. That will start your PC in Safe Mode, then run defrag in the normal way.

  VoG™ 22:07 07 Mar 2003

Triple snap and I hereby claim my prize of a leathern pig plus imitation diamante earrings.

  Pesala 22:09 07 Mar 2003

Diskeeper Lite (10,005 K) click here Defragmentation program that will run in the background, and completes the task more quickly.

  smeghead103 22:13 07 Mar 2003

The last time I messed with my PC whilst booting up I wiped the hard drive. But in for a penny. I will give it a bash and hopefully I will see you all at the other end...

Right F8 you say

Wish me luck


  MAJ 22:23 07 Mar 2003

I tried Diskeeper Lite, Pesala, XP's is faster for me.

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