Defragmentation and RegScrubXP

  skew 18:41 17 Jan 2007

Have been using RegScrubXP for some months after it recommended on this forum. Lately having trouble with defragmenting C:\ drive due to lack of space, so downloaded "iobit" after seeing it recommended here.

RegScrubXP, when I used it, would find 5 or 6 problems, After running iobit it "found" (or falsely identified?) 398 problems. Most of them seemed to be duplicates. I let ReScrubXP deal with these problems (no fool like an old fool!!) and then computer would not shut down. Going back to an earlier restore point solved that and got rid of "iobit" also. Howver RegScrub XP still identifies this large number of problems.

Any advice please, thanks


  spuds 18:56 17 Jan 2007

By "iobit", I assume you mean Advanced WindowsCare from click here

I use both RegScrubXP and AWC in partnership with each other. Never had any problems that you have described, so it would be interesting what other forum users come up with.

  pac73 19:01 17 Jan 2007

I also use RegScrub Xp and Advanced Windows Care,and ive never had a problem.I also use Iobit Smartdefrag,and ive never had problems with that either.

  cocteau48 19:19 17 Jan 2007

I also use AWC and Smartdefrag with no problems.
Like you Skew I followed advice on this forum and tried RegscrubXP. It found over 500 problems which I let it fix. (That makes two fools like old fools!!!!)
Found that I could not open a single prog on the system. Not even System Restore would work in normal mode. Had to do a System Restore in safe mode to get everything back as it should be.
Solution:ditched Regscrub fast. I will rely on Reg Mechanic in future.

  skew 06:01 18 Jan 2007

Thanks for helpful replies


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