Defragment Windows 98SE.. how long should it take even in Safe mode?

  p;3 22:13 22 Jul 2011

I have a Windows 98 SE computer that I am trying to run a complete Defragment on ; how long should it take even if run just in Safe Mode please ?

  woodchip 22:30 22 Jul 2011

A long time more if its a big drive. And depends on how much you have on the drive. But the 98 defrager is slow

  robin_x 22:47 22 Jul 2011

Auslogics Defrag is fast but appears to be min XP.

Try this instead

  robin_x 22:48 22 Jul 2011
  rdave13 01:36 23 Jul 2011

98 SE. An Allegro in cars' terms.

Bin it.

  p;3 11:50 23 Jul 2011

How 'long' is a long time?

Are we looking at maybe 10 or more hours in Safe mode ?

I have left it running during an evening plus overnight and still it achieved only 75%

It also seems to 'forget' that it has already Defraged the first bit and does it all again if I do start it again if I cannot leave it running for any longer ..

I do admit the machine is not 'young' but it still 'works for me 'so I still use it !!

  wee eddie 15:16 23 Jul 2011

Firstly, if you are using the Windows Defragmenter, you will need to turn off all Screen and Energy Savers and any other running programs. Isolating it from the Internet helps as well.

Secondly, the first part of the process is a Disk Scan which has to be repeated every time.

Thirdly, the length of time taken really depends on the state of Fragmentation and the number of Files to be Defragmented.

A useful move, to speed things along a little would be to download CCleaner (which is Free) and use it's primary function, at the least. You could also use it disable some of the programs that open at start-up, but not any of your Security Programs. Perhaps remove some of the Software that you no longer need and then remove their bits and bobs from the Registry

Then, from the same Company, Defraggler (also Free) and use that instead of Windows as it's definitely quicker and possibly more effective.

How long, if the drive is quite full and the job has never been completed before, could be as long as 24 hours.

  ACOLYTE 15:25 23 Jul 2011

Defrag is wierd my 1 Terabit drive with about 700Gig used takes about 11 minutes,my wifes laptop with 360 gig drive and about 40 gig used takes 20+ minutes,both of us use auslogics defrag.

  Diemmess 15:39 23 Jul 2011

Almost an antiquity nowadays, but if you can find a Windows ME .... original disk or even ME running in a computer, simply make a copy of defrag.exe and paste it into C:\Windows or wherever your ('98) defrag.exe is currently filed.

The ME version was a significant improvement on the '98 one. You will need to find the installed one you have, rename it defrag_old.exe and then paste the new file in the same folder.

  woodchip 16:43 23 Jul 2011

Windows 98 cannot use that or near that size of Drive, If you can get hold of Old Norton Utilities it as its own Scan Disc, and Defrag that's called Speed Disc and its a lot faster and better than the one in 98 I know as I use it on my Win98se PC

  woodchip 17:03 23 Jul 2011

P3 Norton Utilities Not Free for Win 98. Use Speed disc Click Hear not free download

This one may be free

Click Hear

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