Peachy boy 23:34 18 Aug 2007

Hi I bought a new pc just over a month ago and i started running defragment over an hour and a half ago and its only just hit sixty percent I dont remember it being this slow on my old computer and the things is I have only used about 20% of the hard disk space. Any help appreciated Thanks Alan

  johnnyrocker 23:35 18 Aug 2007



  Peachy boy 23:40 18 Aug 2007

windows xp service pack 2 (not 100% real) if u no what I mean, it just finished here and said
"Defragmentation is complete for: (C:)

Some files on this volume could not be defragmented.
Please check the defragmentation report for the list of these files."

  birdface 09:42 19 Aug 2007

click here This one should defrag your computer in less than 10 minutes.

  birdface 09:44 19 Aug 2007

Speed test. click here

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