Pc-cillin 13:08 21 Feb 2003

I do appologise if I'm going over old ground.

Are there any set rules about Defragging.
When should it be done?
How often should it be done ( Weekly, daily etc).

I have seen a program called Diskeeper 7 on the net, How does this differ from the one installed with Windows XP.
Do you really need both?


  Andsome 13:14 21 Feb 2003

I like to do it on a weekly basis. It does depend on your usage. As far as I know there are no set rules. Your computer will slow down if too many files are fragmented.

  David-263051 15:05 21 Feb 2003

Get a copy of CrackUp from PC magazine @ click here. You'll have to become a member to get downloads. CrackUp will analyse your drives/partitions.

As a rule of thumb don't let fragmentation exceed 2%.

  « Ravin » 15:13 21 Feb 2003

use the windows defrag tool , once a month should leave you ok.

with xp i notice that defragging makes it run slower on my comp. go figure.

  hoverman 15:16 21 Feb 2003

The defrag program provided as part of Windows XP is a greatly simplified version of Diskeeper. If you install Diskeeper 7 it will replace the Windows version and you can set it to run in the background, so you never have to do a manual defrag again. I have been using Diskeeper 7 for a while now and would thoroughly recommend it.

  AndySD 15:20 21 Feb 2003

I have to agree with hoverman Diskeeper 7 way outshines the version used by Windows.

  hoverman 15:23 21 Feb 2003

Diskeeper 7 Second Edition is the latest one click here

  DieSse 15:34 21 Feb 2003

Defragging is a vastly overrated exercise IMHO. Modern systems are fast enough to take a few fragmented files in their strides. Remember, that after a program is installed and defragmented, it can never become fragmented again - and your data is by and large in too small chunks to ever get fragmented in the first place.

For an average user, I never suggest more than once every 3-6 months.

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