Defrag in xp

  Femme 15:21 08 Sep 2007

When I defrag the report says not all files can be defragged.
Does that mean something is wrong?
Thank you

  simmo07 15:33 08 Sep 2007

try system file checker to determine the integrity of your files:

Start > Run > sfc

Or right click C: from my computer, properties, tools, error checking

  €dstowe 15:38 08 Sep 2007

If SFC comes up OK, I wouldn't wouldn't worry about it too much. I have a disk on which this message comes up each time it is defragged. The disk doesn't seem to have anything wrong with it when checked and it's been like this for years.

  €dstowe 15:39 08 Sep 2007

Ensure, though, that if there is anything of even the least importance on the disk that it is backed up. This applies to all disks, not just potentially odd ones.

  Femme 15:58 08 Sep 2007

Ill try your suggestions

  eedcam 22:31 08 Sep 2007

No its not a problem its to do with the files not the disc

  Femme 22:55 08 Sep 2007

Im not sure what you mean?

  Terry Brown 23:39 08 Sep 2007

I assume you are using the windows Defragger, If there are large sections of Green, this is the paging ram as used by the system and cannot be defragged as it is in use by the defragging system. Check te amount in use by the followng method.
Press Windos key and Break together, select advanced, then advanced again and finally performance settings,advanced then you can see the memory settings, select the windows recommended.

  Femme 00:22 09 Sep 2007

Ill try as suggested

  maghemite 14:02 12 Sep 2007

Those files that the Windows defragger did not defrag are most likely system files i.e. the Master File Table, Paging file etc. Heavy fragmentation of the $MFT file can reduce disk performance. Windows defragger normally skips these files even if they are fragmented, so, to defrag these, you will need to use a good third party defragmenter and do a boot-time defrag. I personally use Diskeeper pro 2007*, and know that it defrags these files if you select the boot-time defrag in the settings. Diskeeper has a spiffy automatic defrag mode too.

* you can check it out here (free 30-day trial versions) at click here

  Brian-336451 14:43 12 Sep 2007

Perfect Disk allows you to defrag both. Upon booting it will defrag the pagefile, hibernation file and other system files.

On the fly, it will defrag all the non-system files. Works a treat and is much faster than the native XP defragger.

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