Is defrag worth doing

  frenchman96 11:04 21 Dec 2011

I was told on another techie site, that in this day and age, and with all the "clean" progs we have, that defrag is not needed.

Anyone agree with this thought

  spuds 11:26 21 Dec 2011

There is no such thing as 'a clean program'.

When you install a program, then perhaps remove it, or make modifications to it, it will always leave a trace on the hard-drive. If you run a defrag check, it should show up all the bad and good, or those that it cannot remove spots, and the program itself should then advice if the hard-drive requires defragmenting.

Whether you take this option is another thing, but personally I would recommend that a defrag check is undertaken, when the machine seems a little sluggish or possibly error prone. On the whole, it should basically be a system maintenance check, like any other checks?.

  Covergirl 11:31 21 Dec 2011

I would tend to agree with a defrag not being strictly necessary, but I would say it may also depend on whether you have enough RAM or not. Not sure about these "clean" progs either.

Imho, if you are at the cutting edge of technology with the top spec computer and processor/disc intensive programs where every millisecond counts, well perhaps yes, but for the ordinary Joe (like me) the few milliseconds lost to a badly defragmented disc would probaably not normally be noticed.

However, a badly defragmented disc compounded with a lack of RAM may cause a noticable delay as the data "pages out" to multiple locations on the hard disc.

  eedcam 11:35 21 Dec 2011

Its not only Programmes that get Fragged any file can and will be at some stage .apart from windows saying it needs a defrag look at the pattern yourself and see how much is ascattered about .You may well not need to but should check and see

  frenchman96 12:19 21 Dec 2011

All good points, I hear them all, by a "clean" prog, what I meant was that I keep a folder on my desktop, name it clean, and within it, I have>>

RevoUninstall TFC ATF MalwareBytes

And I use these to do a Hoover up every month ish....

I have XP, and recently installed the max Ram for my Toshiba Satelitte

  spuds 12:30 21 Dec 2011

I notice that you use Revo, which is a very good and trusted program, especially if you want to get rid of problem un-installs, which other un-installers fail to remove completely. But Revo can be a little fierce if you do not know what you are fully doing, so it might pay to consider this?.

  john bunyan 16:46 21 Dec 2011

I find Auslogics Defrag much quicker than the Windows one. Have used it on XP and now on W7. There are others I know.

  SB23 20:26 21 Dec 2011

Is defrag worth doing?, in my opinion, yes.

I know its not a good thing if you have a SSD, as they store info differently, but for a normal "old fashioned" hdd I defrag about once a month, but I do check first. As with above, I also use the Auslogics defrag, and find it very good. I've not used XP's defrag now for years. Auslogics works for me, and after a good clean and defrag I do find a difference in performance with my ageing desktop.

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