Defrag stops

  Tittlemouse 11:28 02 May 2003

I know this subject has been done before but I have looked in the archives and read all the postings but none of them help me. Why does my defrag (windows) stop on 12% evertime. I have tried in safe mode and my scandisc will complete in standard mode but stops when in thorough mode. Thanks in anticipation.

  _Treb_ 12:54 02 May 2003

Try shutting down any progs running in the background. Such as screen saver and anti virus progs.

  Confab 12:57 02 May 2003

Press CTRL/ALD/DEL and end task on everything running except explorer. Disable any screen saver powersave items and try again.


  vaughan007 13:21 02 May 2003

I had this problem a few years ago with Windows 98. It would never let me complete a defrag. I tried all these solutions and none worked. The problem only dissapeared when I formatted the hard drive when I gave the PC to a friend.

  Tittlemouse 14:14 02 May 2003

Sorry about the delay. Just been for my dinner.
Have tried the CRL/ALT/DEL and I don't use a screen saver so it looks as though vaughan007s answer might be the only way. Hope not though. Thanks for trying . Much obliged

  Confab 14:32 02 May 2003

You could try this.
click here;en-us;218160

When you do the scandisk bit it might be a good idea to choose thorough.


  Confab 14:34 02 May 2003

click here;en-us;218160

  anchor 14:37 02 May 2003

Try posting the long URL`s with TinyURL.

click here

Works a treat!.

  Confab 14:38 02 May 2003

One last try

  Confab 14:39 02 May 2003

click here

Thanks anchor

  anchor 14:40 02 May 2003

Is this the page you mean?

click here

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