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  griffo 09:03 18 Apr 2008

Had a few issues with my Diskeeper Pro 8 recently and had to uninstall. Was going to re-install but wondered whether it's time for a change/update, as it's quite old now.

PCA have put Ashampoo Winoptimiser 2008 on the DVD recently (which seems to have defrag in it) and Ashampoo Magical Defrag was on March 2007 DVD.

Can anyone comment on the relative merits of these 2 programs or suggest a better alternative please?

  newts 09:10 18 Apr 2008

For free defrag software there is click here which comes from the same source as CCleaner. It is not automatic but works really fast.

  Sapins 09:13 18 Apr 2008

I am running the free version of Ashampoo Magical Defrag on my desktop and a laptop. So far it is performing very well, it just works in the background and only runs when the computer is not being used.

  sunny staines 09:25 18 Apr 2008

i use jkdefrag after trying several, very happy with it.

  cocteau48 09:27 18 Apr 2008
  rawprawn 09:39 18 Apr 2008

Auslogic is the best I know, click here

  muddypaws 10:22 18 Apr 2008

Ashampoo Magical defrag ( free). I have used for 18 months.
Runs in the background whenever there is no other PC action going on. I find it inobtrusive and very good. Always shows drives fully defragged when I check with Windows version occasionally.

  john bunyan 12:01 18 Apr 2008

For XP what's wrong with the windows defrag? I used to use Macafee tools but found it told me too much and I tended to get too involved with detail.

  simmo09 12:52 18 Apr 2008


i could run oblivion a few month back, tested raxco perfect disk and had my purchase order ready basically instantly. Many programs claim to boost pc performance, this one actually works. try it and see for yourself :)

  DieSse 13:13 18 Apr 2008

"or suggest a better alternative please?"

Yup - save your dosh - use the free windows one, and don't do it too often.

Defragmenting is a highly overtouted activity IMO.

About once every three months should be plenty for average users - maybe even less.

Don't forget that programs and main software modules, once defragmented, will stay that way.

  maghemite 13:27 18 Apr 2008

Just get an automatic defragmenter. The latest auto defraggers run in the background and defrag in real-time when necessary, using only idle system resources. Other applications are not adversely affected due to the intelligent I/O sensing of the defragger, and you don't have to waste any time defragging either. Much more convenient and effective than the ancient scheduled/manual defraggers.

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