defrag progress bar for Vista

  lairey 18:15 26 Nov 2010

I'm defragging a Vista Home edition for a friend who is just starting up.I'm not familiar with Vista and wonder if there is a progress bar anywhere that I can find? All I have is a small rotating disc near the "defragment now" button, which indicates that there is life somewhere but with no indication of how much longer it will take.

  mooly 18:26 26 Nov 2010

There isn't :)
Vista defrags automatically (you can change the schedule)

I much prefer the command prompt routine which generates a detailed report. When yours has done try it. Type cmd into the Vista start/run box and right click the application (cmd.exe) and run as admin. If you use 1 and 2 below you get a report. Run 1 and 4 and it defrags all. Press enter after inputing each line.

Defragmenting HDD using command line prompt. Note insert spaces correctly.
1. Right click command line prompt and run as administrator.
2. Type, defrag c: -a -v to generate detailed file report.
3. Type, defrag c: -v -r to run the defragmentation routine.(note this only defrags files< 64MB)
4. Type, defrag c: -v -w to defragment all file sizes.
5. Type, defrag c: -b to defragment boot files.
6. Type, defrag -? To display information help page.

  lairey 19:32 26 Nov 2010


Thanks very much for your response, I will save your suggestions and use them when I visit my friend in the morning.
I will click this as resolved, thanks again.

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