Defrag Programmes

  roger 13:46 21 Sep 2005

Does anyone have any views on which is the best.

I have just downloaded O&O as per the review in the latest edition of PCA and it seems ok.

Which others are there out ther to try that might be better.

All suggestions will be much appreciated.



  woofwoofbark 13:57 21 Sep 2005

Very simple to use and keeps my HD's defrag'd automatically check it out at click here



  €dstowe 13:59 21 Sep 2005

I also use Diskeeper with no problems.

  interzone55 14:05 21 Sep 2005

I used to use Diskeeper, but I found that it seem to be taking longer & longer to defrag my drives, so I switched to O & O and find this much quicker, and more to the point, less resource hungry.

I think that it's different defrag methods offer a good choice between efficiency & speed, and I can safely defrag my shared data drive without impacting unduly on performance.

  stylehurst 14:15 21 Sep 2005

I dsid the same evaluation some months ago, and ultimately settled on Raxco Perfect Disk. It is British, works probably better than Diskeeper, and is more than capable of doing a defrag whilst you carry on working.
It also has the ability to defrag the MBR & Pagefile

  Phphred 14:21 21 Sep 2005

click here

The best and fastest

  roger 14:27 21 Sep 2005

Thanks all very much for your comments. Very interesting. Two for Perfect Disk, two for Diskeeper and one who has moved from Diskeeper to O&O.

So I am now off to evaluate!!

  G-PIT 14:37 21 Sep 2005

Why, when there is "one" built-in?

(without the obvious slagging of all 'built-in' stuff please ;-))

  DieSse 15:06 21 Sep 2005

The built-in one is perfectly OK. Defragging is a highly overrated activity IMO, in any case.

  interzone55 15:12 21 Sep 2005

The built in Defrag program is slow and cannot defrag whilst there is any disk activity, therefore is totally unsuitable for a file server

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