blowworm 23:18 28 Jan 2005


Running 98 se trying to defrag and something is stopping it after a few seconds then it starts again, stops starts.

I have nothing I can find thats running, anybody know a decent free program to download that will show whats running.



  woodchip 23:24 28 Jan 2005

Try it in Safe Mode. Start Computer keep pressing F5 as it starts

  blowworm 23:27 28 Jan 2005

Thanks woodchip will try that now and post back.



  whybe 23:27 28 Jan 2005

I found that on earlier Windows OS's that defragging was sometimes stopped, paused or restarted if your antivirus application was switched on during the process. I got round it by temporarily disabling it before defrag then switching it back on after.Caution though make sure that you're not connected to the Internet at the same time.

  griffon 56 23:34 28 Jan 2005

Hi Blowworm,

Make sure your screensaver and antivirus is off and any automatic malware scanners you have running. Also go into 'msconfig' and switch off all startup progs except 'ScanReg', 'Systray', and 'LoadPowerProfile'. Something is writing to your hard drive during defrag and causing it to reset. If you've got a lot of progs running in the system tray that'll also cause it, as the processor checks around them all to see if there's any activity.

  griffon 56 00:21 29 Jan 2005


Micromart recently came with a CD titled Best of 2004 on which there were these 3 programs. 'Starter', 'Startup Inspector' and 'Startup-Mechanic' all claiming to allow editing of what starts with your computer. MM is at click here and back issues are available from 01270 878 080.

Two very useful sites for all sorts of freestuff are click here and click here. The first especially has many categories listed and in each there are reviews of the programs and links to independent comments on them. Very useful.

  FelixTCat 00:30 29 Jan 2005


When defrag finds changes to files on the drive it is defragging, it stops and starts again. Because C: is usually the partition Windows is installed on, and because its files are often changing, defrag is usually slow on the C: drive. This is compounded if all your programs and data are also on C:. Defrag has been known to take hours.

Best bet is to defrag from safe mode - it may still take some time.

Better still, partition your hard drive so that only the minimum is on C: Install ALL programs (including video and sound drivers, antivirus etc) on a different partition. Defrag will run MUCH faster, as will your programs.

  GaT7 00:48 29 Jan 2005

The easiest method would be to use the free Diskeeper Lite click here, where no adjustments are necessary.

You can also do so under 'clean boot' conditions click here.

Or, use EndItAll click here to stop running processes, then run the defragmenter. G

  blowworm 21:28 29 Jan 2005

Thanks All,

The safe mode option worked a treat and with the show details, the disc data was all over the show, maybe now i will get some peace from the dam computer!


  GaT7 22:07 29 Jan 2005

J, if you haven't done a Scandisk for some time, it may be a good idea to run that as well - do the 'Thorough' scan (& ideally overnight). This may also have to be run in Safe Mode or clean boot conditions as it, like the Defragmenter, usually misbehaves in a similar fashion ; ) G

  Wak 09:43 30 Jan 2005

Hi, I also have Win 98SE and suggest that you take a look at click here
Near the bottom of the list it lists a defrag alternative, ie. replace the Win 98 Defrag.exe file with a similar FREE file from the Windows ME system. (Microsoft apparently got the defrag problem sorted out by the time they got to Win ME)
I have done this and defragging is now about 10 times faster and much more stable.
Full instructions are given and the old file can always be replaced if necessary.
Well worth a try.

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