Defrag Problems

  Blitzer 15:05 13 Sep 2009


Recently I tried to drag the C: (300Gb partition on a 1Tb HD), but ran into problems with corrupt file etc. after the defrag had completed. I retored my HD from my most recent backup image and also tried with other defrag software and ended up using O&O defrag which has an option to check the disc for errors prior to attempting the defrag. On using the this it was reported that there was an error with the disc which I looked up on the net to find out that I seem to have a bad sector(s) on my HD.

Initially, I tried using chkdsk to check and fix the partition, but on checking the free space it was going to take 4+ days! This to me was unacceptable so I quit the scan, TBH I'd sooner buy a new HD than wait that long.

Anyway, before I give up and do just that would formatting the HD and re-installing everything from scratch do any good or will it as I suspect still leave me with the underlying problem of the bad sector still existing on the disc?

Thanks in advance for any advice. :)

  rawprawn 15:19 13 Sep 2009

I would think that it would take a very long time to run chkdsk on 1TB HD, it took me about 15 hours to format one.
I think I would let it run, by the time you have a new 1tb HD delivered and formatted, then loaded from scratch the chkdsk could be finished.

  Blitzer 23:16 13 Sep 2009

Well I don't think it would take me quite 4 days to format a drive then re-install windows and my software.

I'm assuming simply formatting the disc will not correct the problem - can anyone confirm this?

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