Defrag not 100% complete

  snowy30 01:20 21 Jan 2008

I defragged my computer earlier, only 45% was completed when a message popped up saying it's finished and some of the files cannot be defragmented...I clicked to view report but nothing was listed.

The same thing happen about couple or more weeks ago, except that time only 55% was done......

Why hasnt it not completed 100%?

  MAJ 01:50 21 Jan 2008

Have you tried defragging in Safe Mode, see if it completes?

  ACOLYTE 02:01 21 Jan 2008

Is there any apps running in the background that could cause the files to change mid way through defrag,say like screensavers,virus resident scanners.There is also the Hibernate option that windows has those files dont get defragged,you can turn the hibernate off and defrag though.Try running a scan disk before defrag see if there are any problems.It also may be that your Hdd is nearly full and there isnt enough space to defrag the whlole disk.Just a few ideas why it doesnt finish,there could be many more.


  snowy30 02:24 21 Jan 2008

Cheers guys for your ideas.

I just defragged the computer in safe mode but only 15% was done this time.

Screen saver is enable...I will give it another go with Hibernation turned off as well as screen saver.

  €dstowe 07:59 21 Jan 2008

Is the disk a lot more than 50% filled? This can cause problems in defragging as there may not be enough space for the program to manipulate the files during the process.

Things to try:

1. Move a (substantial) portion of the data on the disk to another one. Or

2. Assuming you're using the Windows defrag facility, try an independent defragmentation program such as Diskeeper (there is a free, "lite" version).

3. Combination of 1 & 2.

  maghemite 10:55 21 Jan 2008

Could be
(1) Locked system files like the MFT and pagefile cannot be defragged when winodws is running. You need a boot-time defrag for those, and cannot be done with the windows defragger or other free defraggers AFAIK. Try with something like Diskeeper 2008. (free trial versions at click here)

(2)Insufficient free space..some large files may not have been defragged because of lack of disk space. Even 15% may not be enough in some cases. Try diskcleanup with Ccleaner to free up some space.

(3)Maybe somthing wrong with the file system. Run chkdsk /f once to scan and fix file system errors

  spuds 12:12 21 Jan 2008

Not sure whether it is worth considering an automatic defrag program running in the background. I have used these for ages, and have never had need to bother with defragmentation manually.Make visual checks on occasions, and all seems fine with the systems.

  spuds 12:19 21 Jan 2008

Perhaps I should have mentioned in the previous post, that I found poor manual defrag results was usually due to many items and other programs running in the background, which was confusing the defrag procedures.Try switching some of them off, if you have a number of them running. Don't forget to reboot or switch on afterwards, especially virus checkers etc before reconnecting to the internet.

  VoG II 12:41 21 Jan 2008

Try this click here

  pj123 12:44 21 Jan 2008

I use Auslogics Defragger, (free).

Give it a try.

click here

  snowy30 17:23 21 Jan 2008

The hard drive is 80GB; in the properties box the capacity is 69.9GB, 37.5GB is used, leaving 32.4GB free is the capacity almost 70Gig when I suppose to have 80Gig as it says on the front of the computer?

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