Defrag keeps re-starting.

  Aubreys 13:05 04 Jan 2003
  Aubreys 13:05 04 Jan 2003

When I used to run defrag it would take approx 20 minutes to defrag a 13Gb hard drive. It now takes over two hours. I'm running Windows ME. The only recent change is that I have installed a new sound card (Sound Blaster Live 5.1 Digital) I have tried exiting all running programmes, something that I never used to do. Any ideas?

  Foolsbane_1 13:08 04 Jan 2003

Diskeeper Lite Plus is the simplest solution -

click here

  Noels 13:39 04 Jan 2003

Have you tried:-

Also closing screen savers and running Defrag in Safe Mode as this usually works ??

Regards Noels

  exodus 13:41 04 Jan 2003

Not left the screensaver on...easily overlooked.

  worf 13:47 04 Jan 2003

You say you have TRIED to close down all programs running in the back ground. Was this via the ctrl/alt/del function. If not go ctrl/alt/del and close everything down apart from explorer. Then defrag. Or as suggested by Noels do it in Safe Mode.

  Aubreys 13:48 04 Jan 2003

I have turned the screensaver off. Not tried running defrag in Safe Mode yet. I will try that... watch this space. I'm downloading Diskeeper Lite at the moment but its a bit on the slow side for us poor 56Kb boy's! Thanks for the quick answer's.

  Aubreys 14:16 04 Jan 2003

I tried the Safe Mode idea... Hit F8 on start-up, selected Safe Mode The PC had a think about it then promtly shut down. I tried it again and it just repeated itself. I will go away, take a sedative washed down with a friend from Scotland and come back later! Thanks for the idea's.

  BobG65 15:50 04 Jan 2003

You could try End It All this is an app to close any or all running progs except Systray and Win Explorer. Google says it's here :- click here.

Also check to see if you have AV software running, that can cause all sorts of probs.

Hope this helps


  spikeychris 16:33 04 Jan 2003

Rather than hitting F8 for the selection menu hit F5 continuously whilst the machine is booting up, this should take you direct to "safe mode".

Not being able to start in safe mode is a classic sign of a hardware fault. Is the card sat correctly and are the leads fitted right.

If F5 fails then take out the card and try again.
Are there any exclamation marks in device manager in control panel?


  Aubreys 19:00 04 Jan 2003

Bob. If I can't sort out this PC soon "End It All" could be a serious alternative! :-) Thanks for that idea, I may give it a go.

Chris. All the cards and memory are seated ok I have no conflicts in device manager. I have now managed to run Scan Disk in Windows and the constant access to the CPU has now stopped so I must be doing something right. A good friend came up with a viable option.... Throw that old piece of rubbish away and buy a new one! Friends... who need them? Thanks guy's for the help and advice.

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