Defrag of external hard drive?

  Enoch 17:31 01 Oct 2006

I have a laptop running XPhome. I backup to an external mobile hard drive. I do complete backups NOT incremental backups, I delete the older backup when I produce the new backup.

Question; Can I, or should I, defragment the external second hard drive? If so how often? I backup weekly

  brundle 17:35 01 Oct 2006

Not worth the effort or risk of data corruption

  skidzy 17:41 01 Oct 2006

Can you not defrag the drive from My computer by right clicking on the drive and select properties/tools and defrag.

I would defrag at least once a month,but as i have never used an external harddrive,im guessing you can defrag by the way ive explained.

I may be corrected,so apologies if im wrong Enoch.

  skidzy 17:42 01 Oct 2006

Oops just seen your post Brundle,maybe best left alone then. :-))

  iscanut 17:56 01 Oct 2006

I delete the old backup when I have verified the integrity of the new one ( Acronis True Image 9 ). This causes a lot of fragmentation so I defrag my External USB drive on which the backup is stored once a month. Not sure why it should be any different to defragging ones main C Drive as and when necessary.

  anskyber 17:59 01 Oct 2006

Well, I am happy to be corrected here but a drive is a drive whether it lives in a big box or just outside it.

I use Diskeeper to defrag and my external HDD is seen by it in the same way the "main" HDD is seen. It is therefore defraged in the same way.

  User-312386 18:25 01 Oct 2006

You have said and i quote "Not worth the effort or risk of data corruption"

Please advise us of this statement? How will data corruption occur due to a defragmentation?

I would defrag an external back up HDD once a month

  Enoch 18:38 01 Oct 2006

Please keep asking and answering the questions as eventually an answer will result which will advise me

  User-312386 20:58 01 Oct 2006

For external drives that do not have operating systems on them, as i have advised it is only worth defragmenting once a month.

The only time you will get corruption of a HDD is when it is starting to fail

  terryf 21:02 01 Oct 2006

If you are really worried about defragging corrupting a hd with your backup on (and I don't think it will) copy the backup archive across to your main HD temporarily and then copy it back after defragging, it will not be fragmented when you copy it back.

  Enoch 06:38 02 Oct 2006

I have been given the advice from a PC technician that the best compromise after reading these comments would be to "defrag" ones own PC before a complete backup to external hard drive. This means the backed up information will be defragged before transfer.

Does this idea make sense please

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