Defrag doesn't work - again.

  naviator 17:48 18 Jul 2009

Currently using Piriform Defraggler. None of the suggestions given last February worked and one, whilst restoring it but which involved changing a file name, eventually brought my XP system to a chaotic halt, and a new installation had to be made. Any new suggestions anyone? (I don't like unsolved puzzles!)

  ronalddonald 18:00 18 Jul 2009

after reading your previous post and no getting anywhere i think you are better of reinstalling windows os system and see if that resolves the situation. Im presuming your using XP i hope you are. But before you do back up and save files to a externl drive in case you need them later.

or try this click here and dowmload the optimiser and use the defrag there. or better still buy a copy of pc advisor it comes with a disk and try gary utilities.

  ronalddonald 18:02 18 Jul 2009

try click here and c what can help
that s file hippo.

  t.long 18:34 18 Jul 2009

Some may disagree with me here but, since defragging at best "sweeps the clutter under the carpet" I think your better off going for a clean install. Yes its a bit of a pain to restore your files and programmes but you should be backing them up anyway.

Using a slipstream you can make an install disk which will install without you having to click next all the time, and I doubt it will take any longer than defragging.

Whilst a little drastic a clean install will also clear any clutter and can there for address issues which defragging wont.

Personly I never bother with defragging, just a clean install every year or so. This is of course just my opinion so take it for what you think its worth and nothing else. Just make sure if you go down this route you have any drivers you will need to hand.

  rdave13 20:01 18 Jul 2009

Clean install every year or so. Blimey you must pick up some crap. Not reinstalled for four years.
Mind you I do clone the HDD every now and again.

  naviator 23:29 18 Jul 2009

Thank you. System working quickly and very well apart from MS Defrag. Haven't done a clean install for nearly a couple of years and maybe I should if all else fails but will let it run as it is for a while yet.

  naviator 23:33 18 Jul 2009

For about two years before last February, I ought to have said.

  GaT7 03:18 19 Jul 2009

Use MyDefrag click here (formerly JKdefrag click here)- better than any other defragmenter out there. G

  DieSse 17:47 19 Jul 2009

I've only ever done one install, when I built the system some 6 years ago. Currently it runs at least as well as it did then. I use the computer also at a computer club I run - most people think I have the latest go fastest system, and are surprised when I explain what I do have.

I do frequent disk cleans (scheduled for every day), occasional registry cleans, and very occasional defrags. I also try and clean up properly when I uninstall a program.

I do lots of program installs and uninstalls, probably more than average.

I've never seen of understood the mania for "clean" installs outside the strictly necessary (bad virus infections - hard drive failures and the like).

Degragging (IMNSHO) is overrated, and usually carried out when unnecessary anyway. I only ever use the built-in XP one. I would challenge anyone to do defrags with different programs to the built-in one, and measure any significant performance gain.

  gigagiggles 07:03 20 Jul 2009


what is the puzzle?

there was no link to the february 2009 thread. search forum for defrag and found an angrykid thread about a tmp file and defraggler.

  naviator 11:23 20 Jul 2009

Thank you for comments. Mine too is an old system which holds up well for speed provided I carry out a similar routine of daily disk and registry 'cleans' and defrag once a week - the latter DOES make a difference.

Files however, for no apparent reason, do become corrupted occasionally. The glitch last February was my own fault as I took bad advice in changing the name of a system file making necessary an entirely new installation. I agree that this step is rarely necessary and should only be used in extremis. I also find that the MS defrag tool is, as you say, the best although it is useful to have another on file just in case.

I have now solved the problem by re-installing XP Service Pack 3. Everything now works very speedily.

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