Defrag-Diskeeper Lite query

  SSC 21:14 01 Jan 2004

Hi All
I wanted a better defragger than the XP supplied one so I downloaded and tried Diskeeper Lite (v7.0.414.0). It advised my drive was heavily defragmented and so I gave it a try. As a result I have some questions.

1. It took over 4 hours (not to bad) but the 'finished report and the graphical display indicated my drive was still heavily fragmented. It allegedly inproved matter by about 13% and recommended that I run it again. Is this normal

2. As it defragged I could see the free space on the drive reducing. I expected to get this back when it finished as it would delete all the moved and copied files. This never happened. I now have 4GB less free space than before I started. Where has it gone. Will it happen again. If I run the defrag about 5 or 6 more times to totally defrag the drive will I lose the same each time. If so that will be about 25GB in total. Where does it go. The XP defragged whilst being slow didn't do this

Can anyone help please

  SSC 22:35 01 Jan 2004

Additional to the above

I just tried accessing the XP defragger. It appear that Diskeeper Lite has replaced all the links to the old program. All the usual methods of accessing the XP version now just lead to Diskeeper. so I can't even use that instead.

Someone must have the answers. I am sure a lot of you use Diskeeper as I downloaded it as a result of searching for through old post.

Please respond. Thanks.

  VoG II 22:44 01 Jan 2004

The default XP defragger is a cut-down version of Diskeeper. You won't get any better results using the XP one.

If your drive was heavily fragmented, depending on how much free space you have on the drive, you may need more than one run to "completely" defrag it.

Don't know about the free space issue - I run Diskeeper but have not noticed (or looked for) this.

  SSC 09:40 02 Jan 2004

Thanks for that.

Can anyone answer the second part of my question about free space

  Jester2K 09:43 02 Jan 2004

Try running Disk Clean Up before you defrag.

Also try closing as many background programs first.

No you won't loose more disk space each time you defrag. I suspect this is something to do with the way data is stored on the disk. 4 Gb sounds like a lot to loose but then 4 hours is a long defrag too..

I use the full version of DK7 and don't get this...

  Jester2K 09:46 02 Jan 2004

Also are you looming at the 'Free Space Available for Defragmentation' or the Free Space according to Windows XP.

According to the FAQ

"The 'Free Space Available for Defragmentation' message refers to the free space area outside of the 12.5% set aside for expansion of the MFT. For instance, if the 'Free Space Available for Defragmentation' figure is 17%, the total free space would bearound 29.5%. The MFT area is indicated by the green and white striped area in the graphic display. Diskeeper can’t move files into this area under any circumstances."

This might account for your "lost" 4Gb.

  QQAA 10:00 02 Jan 2004

As far as my past experiences tell me, "Diskeeper Lite 7" is a fast and stable implementation of its commercial version but without the boot-time defragmentation feature (among other things) to tackle the system and directory files of hard disk.

If it could not solve your fragmentation problem, chances are quite slim that other available tools would do a better job. I think it is so good that its author click here nowadays dare not offer the free Lite version of Diskeeper anymore.

Therefore, please run it AT LEAST one more time to get the desired result. But before you do so, I would recommend you to make a system reboot for a fresh start. Also, try to 'switch-off' as many of the running application icons on the bottom-right corner of the window as possible, in order to prevent them from interfering with the highly delicate process of hard disk defragmentation.

  SSC 15:38 02 Jan 2004

Thanks for the replies.

The 'free space' I was referring to was the total volume of free space that you get when checking C drive properties, i.e total capacity 74.5GB, used 25.8GB, free 48.6GB.

It was 52.7GB before defrag and reduced y 4.1Gb during defrag to 48.6GB.

I'll do as suggested and run it again and see what happens. I did close all rnning programs and as many processes as I could, before startng.

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