jaygice 20:57 15 Jun 2003

ineed to defrag do you do this in safe mode and will it speed up my laptop i have been told to leave it over night is that right

  matt5705 21:05 15 Jun 2003

leave it over night it will be fine i dont know about speed u can do it in safe mode or not but safe mode is quicker

  Gongoozler 21:12 15 Jun 2003

jaygice, it usually isn't necessary to defrag in safe mode unless you have some software that keeps accessing the hard drive (RealPlayer is a common culprit). One way to really speed up defrag is to use Diskeeper Lite. This is free and is many times faster than the Microsoft defrag. The only penalty of using DK Lite is that it keeps asking you if you want to upgrade.
click here

  jaygice 21:12 15 Jun 2003

cheers matt5705 do it tonight

  jaygice 21:19 15 Jun 2003

gongoozler is this any good then and is it simple to use

  Arokh. 21:27 15 Jun 2003

Hi jaygice, Yes you can defrag in safe mode, I always do it, as running processess may keep disturbing the defrag if in normal mode, also depending on the size of your puters Hard Drive, if it is large like 200Gig then it might be worthwhile defrag over night, but I have a 60 Gigabyte Hard drive and it completes it in over a hour or so, but then again I regurarly defrag, and if you have not done a defrag for a while then it will take much longer, I don't know what operating system you use but win98 is very slow, so I have downloaded Win Me off the internet and it is marginally faster.

Regards Arokh

  Gongoozler 09:57 16 Jun 2003

Hi jaygice. I have found DK Lite very easy to use. I use it with Windows 98se. It takes over from the MS defrag, and so I can initiate it from My Computer - {Drive letter) - Properties - Tools, or from the desktop icon, or Start - Programs - Diskeeper lite. As I said earlier, the only downside I have found is that it keeps asking me if I want to upgrade to the full paid for version. With DK Lite I can defrag my 40G drive in about 20 minutes depending on the level of fragmentation.

I have just defragged my hard disk (20gb) with DK lite and it only took 10 minutes!!
What a sheer bliss to use ,so easy and fast. I have been using DK lite for over a year now and I would never go back to the awful and slow MS defrag.

  Sapins 11:26 16 Jun 2003

Hi All,
Is DK lite faster than Norton Speed Disk?

  Gongoozler 12:49 16 Jun 2003

DK Lite is so good that it is no longer available at the Executive Software site, they would much prefer you to buy the full version, but fortunately it's still available quite legitimately from some download sites.

Hi Sapins. I wonder how you could compare the speed with Norton Speed Disk. You would need 2 identically fragmented hard drives to compare. perhaps someone could clone a drive and run a test. It would certainly be an interesting experiment.

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