A definitive Broadband Speed Test?

  Bailey08787 11:55 10 Apr 2007


Could someone post a direct link to a reliable broadband speed tester please.

I'd like to be able to gauge how much my line is capable of taking.

I've come across a few sites which have given my varying results (from 3mb to 6.2mb).

So I'm looking for what's considered the most reliable.


  anskyber 11:57 10 Apr 2007
  Bailey08787 12:09 10 Apr 2007

sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear.

I want a link where I can enter my phone number, and it tells me how much the line can handle.

(I can't do a speedtest using the link you provided anskyber, as I don't have an internet connection at home at the moment) (typing this at work)

  anskyber 12:15 10 Apr 2007

Ah! sorry. I think the answers are approximate and sadly I cannot think of one at the moment. The key point is you will only find out exactly when the BB is installed if it is an up to 8meg or whatever service.

During the first 10 days or thereabouts the line is "maximised" for speed and it will eventually settle down to your line rate.

Incidentally tyhe rate can vary from a number of factors and even a neighbours speed will not be an acurate guide.

  anskyber 12:17 10 Apr 2007

The answer I got from my ISP click here using the box at the top turned out to be pretty accurate.

  Stuartli 12:22 10 Apr 2007

See the bottom of this BT page:

click here

  dfh 14:06 10 Apr 2007

You could try this one click here

  Bailey08787 14:17 10 Apr 2007

thanks, your link was useful

although it said my line was capable of 3.5mbs or above

- how much above was my obvious question :-)

  Bailey08787 14:17 10 Apr 2007

thanks to other posts too

  mattyc_92 14:25 10 Apr 2007

Well, according to Stuarti's link my line "isn't broadband ready" dispite being on AOL Gold Broadband for over 3 years now

Bailey08787, the thing you must bare in mind is that none of these tests are 100% accurate. Example, a test states you can get 8MB broadband. In reality, you may get 6 or 7MB connection

  Bailey08787 14:35 10 Apr 2007

I'd be happy with 6 or 7.

I think in all likelihood I'll get somewhere around the 2/3 mb area.

The main reason for me trying to find out what the line can take is so that I don't go for a 'up to 16mb connection' when all the line can take is 3mb (in which case I'll go for something like 'up to 8mb connection)

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