defending DJ Garry

  glenn-259683 09:55 05 Jan 2003
  glenn-259683 09:55 05 Jan 2003

re the post stated by DJ Garry, under the new Human rights Act sect 21 para 4.(1) DJ Garry has the right to freedom of speech, and the right to air his views under any platform, so if the Forum editor has a problem with this I suggest he looks it up before a legal precedent is set, and he is sued!

I for one am getting shafted by this country being a fire fighter so if anyone can get anything for free, good luck!

  eddie937 10:10 05 Jan 2003

so your a fire fighter eh,well let me tell you something, you talk about being shafted,well if you dont like it get another job,you get paid far to much ,and remember it was you who signed up to fight fires and new exactly how much you were going to be paid
so stop crying about it

  Djohn 10:18 05 Jan 2003

fire4121, I'm sorry but I think you have missed the point made by *DJ Garry*. He is openly boasting about theft, also as a DJ he will require a licence to play music in a public place and is obliged by law to pay for this licence.

Also once every quarter fill in a form listing the CD's and tracks that he has played and how many times for each track and Approx. how many people were listening/Dancing to same.

Then he will be billed for a set some of money to be paid in royalties. J.

  Forum Editor 10:18 05 Jan 2003

to check your facts before blathering on about the human rights act.

This is aprivately owned web forum, and when you register with us to consent to abide by our rules. One of them is that we reserve the right to delete any content that is innapropriate. You have no 'right' to air your opinions here under the law.

Bragging about profiting from theft for 19 years comes under the heading of innapropriate in my book, as does your silly nonsense about being sued.

Thread locked, but not deleted, so others can see the kind of foolish stuff we have to deal with in a computer forum on occasions.

  Djohn 10:20 05 Jan 2003

Sum, even.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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