Defender not working properly

  Salut 09:23 16 Jan 2007

Having recently up graded windows defender and set the auto scan I discover that the program has not scanned since December. The options are set to run the scan each Tuesday/11:00. I have reset the option and still no scan being run. I do get the warning that a scan hasn't been done!

Any suggestions?

  [email protected] 09:40 16 Jan 2007

One assumes the PC is ON at 10:59 every Tuesday. It will only scan at the scheduled time so if you boot up just after or any time before the next schudule, it won't run. If you have tested the config by setting it to scan and then waiting for it, and it doesn't, then it has to be it's configuration or a problem with the installation. If you are certain the config is correct, try un-installing and re-installing it again.
Mine is set to run daily at 12:00 and it kicks in exactly on time.

  Salut 10:12 16 Jan 2007

Thank you for your reply. I am ON from about 08:30 each day as I work from home.

Your suggestion of re-installing seems the quickest option so I have done that. The scan is now set for 12:00-maybe that is the magic time!

Again, thanks for your support.

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